Is Now the Time for Landlords to Invest?

Refinancing in the current economic climate Managing mortgages is never fun, is it? When you’re facing refinancing, even less so. With interest rates bouncing around all over the place, it is a worrying time for everyone, and no one more so than for landlords.  To try and clarify exactly what is happening with the money …


Are Landlords Turning a Financial Corner?

Is landlord lending turning a corner? The cost-of-living crisis has brought everything financial into sharp focus, and landlord lending is no exception. However, could it be turning a positive corner? The experts certainly seem to be hopeful.  Increased number of Buy-to-Let Loans Money comparison experts have said this week that the increased number of buy-to-let …


Mortgage Turmoil: Is now the time to invest?

Landlords are abandoning the industry Not because of incoming legislation. Not because of Section 21 changes. Not because of troublesome tenants. Nope. Because of mortgage changes and interest rates making everything feel riskier than a tickling a tiger with toothache.   Now, we can’t have this. SURELY there is light at the end of the tunnel …


Avoiding Court: Is it possible?

No landlord wants to go to court, but can it really be avoided when looking to get your property back? Going to court is a scary thought, and frankly, not something that anyone would really fancy doing on a regular basis.  However, with upcoming changes in place to reform the repossession process, landlords are likely …

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Big Fines: Landlord and Estate Agent Hit in the Pocket

This week’s news is all about big fines that you could easily avoid The majority of landlords are doing everything by the book. Nobody goes out of their way to break the rules, and most bend over backwards to ensure that every i is dotted and t is crossed, no matter how frustrating it may …


How Landlords Can Avoid Court When Repossessing Their Property

A trustworthy long-term tenant is the holy grail After all, we are in the business of providing homes, right? Nobody gets into this game to wrangle with repossessions and the court system.  However, it is not a perfect world, and sometimes, even the most perfect-on-paper situation can tumble into a troublesome time, and landlords can …


Sign Up NOW: How Landlords Can Avoid Court When Repossessing Their Property

Join Mashroom on Friday 24th February at 3pm to find out how you can regain possession of your property without having to go to court with expert advice from Carly Jermyn, CEO and founder of Woodstock Legal Services, specialist in resident and landlord tenant law AND a landlord herself. She’ll be looking at: Reasons for …


Don’t Get Court Out: Maintenance Issues Could See You In Court

Many landlords fall foul of small mistakes that can lead to fines or even a day in court Being a landlord can feel fraught with pitfalls, especially when it comes to ensuring that you and your tenant are on the same page with regards to property maintenance.  Your property is an asset, and you want …


Are MPs to Review Buy-to-Let Tax and Make Court Reforms?

The PRS continues to face numerous changes Anyone with experience in the private rental sector largely acknowledges its role in the UK’s housing market. Yet, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t faced numerous challenges, both for landlords and tenants, some of which has seen landlords exiting the sector. The UK government has recognised this and proposed …


Common Claims Against Landlords and How to Avoid Them

No landlord wants to hear complaints, but if you don’t deal with them, they could land you in legal hot water There are a few things as a landlord you’ll be sick of hearing (mainly centred around new legalisation at the moment) but one thing you never want to hear is your tenant making a …

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