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Mashroom connects landlords, incoming and departing tenants eliminating agents and fees.
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28 Sep 2020
Everything you will ever need to manage properties in one place, for free.

How it works


Start by registering your property. We advertise it for free on Rightmove and Zoopla to get your property seen by millions.


Manage viewings or Team Up with your departing tenants to do it for you. We also offer video viewings to make it easy and safe.

Vetted Offers

Accept the best one. Mashroom offers come with 12 weeks’ worth of protection for increased rental security.

It's a deal

We collect a holding deposit and offer optional credit and reference checks. A customisable tenancy agreement is generated to sign online.

Enjoy landlording on autopilot

Free rent collection

Mashroom offers the first free rent collection service with immediate same-day payouts.


Handle maintenance requests and get quotes from our trusted contractors to deal with issues rapidly.

End of tenancy

It’s quick and easy to renew or terminate tenancy agreements, and you can re-list for free to avoid void periods.

How come it’s all free?

It keeps us going when you use our additional products, meaning we can provide our platform to you for free.
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