The UK’s Happiest Residents

According to the World Happiness Report 2021, the UK is the 17th happiest country in the world. Happiness looks different for every person, from young singles to parents there is no blanket recipe to happiness.

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Most people leave their hometown, with studies showing that on average, most Britons live 100 miles from their birthplace. People no longer stay where they are born, with more people in the UK choosing to rent and not be tied down than ever before.

When you have access to everything you need and want, you are more likely to be fulfilled and happy. But which city is the best place for you and your lifestyle?

Here at Mashroom, our researchers have delved into the lifestyles of a variety of demographics to find out the most fulfilled and happy cities.

Happiest Cities in the UK

The UK is known for its dull weather, the lack of vitamin D means the UK thrives in summer, when the sun is out and the mood is high, but who is the happiest city all year long?

Taking into account each city’s access to key amenities per 100 people, we have ranked every city based on each demographic’s favourite hobbies and necessities. Cities can score a maximum score of 5 points for each category, for a total score of 65.

From foodies to fitness fanatics, which cities have the most to offer every demographic?

Happiest cities in UK

Norwich topped the list as the happiest city, with a low population and high entertainment value, the Norfolk city promises means that their residents are the most fulfilled no matter the type of person.

Coming in second place, Cambridge is known for its expensive houses, educational facilities but also being one of the driest spots in the UK and also a city where residents can benefit from its amazing green spaces and city life.

Best Cities for Families in the UK

Choosing where to raise your family is one of the biggest decisions of your life, making sure the location you pick is perfect is paramount. With tight catchment areas, most families avoid moving far.

Days out with your family become cherished moments you never forget, making sure you avoid long drives and queues is a very important part of any parents planning. So which city offers the best family experiences?

Best cities for families Uk

Norwich comes out on top for the best city for families, with almost top scores for every category. Oversubscribed schools are every parent’s nightmare, alongside the catchment competitions that are some of the most stressful times of parenthood. Alongside education and entertainment, Norwich offers many opportunities for exercise and nature within the city.

Cambridge comes in second with 3.1/5, with great education facilities and swimming pools but poor shopping opportunities per 100 people, the city just falls short of first place.

Manchester places in seventh place but still hits the top spot for food locations, with the highest number of restaurants per 100 people. Manchester has a phenomenal food culture with food establishments popping up every day alongside the iconic Hatch which brings meals to the masses.

Best Cities for Food Lovers in the UK

Belfast’s buzzing food scene lifts the Irish city to the top of the table with great bakeries and phenomenal food markets such as the award-winning George’s Market full of amazing cuisines.

Best cities for food lovers in the UK

The City of a Thousand Trades otherwise known as Birmingham is the trailblazer of manufacturing and the second-best city for food lovers. Cadbury’s hometown is also home to the most Michelin star restaurants in the UK, the most prestigious award in the food industry.

Brighton scores the highest for cafes. The seaside city brings tourists seeking the coast and coffee from one of the many independent coffee shops the city has to offer.

Best Cities to be Single in the UK

An estimated 35% of UK residents were single in 2019, according to the ONS but where is best to go solo?

Best Cities to be Single in the UK

Norwich takes the top spot for singletons, scoring 4.5/5 with a buzzing nightlife and music scene without the long queues. The eccentric seaside city of Brighton boasts great shopping, art and culture. Singletons flock to the city for a great weekend whilst the locals can bask in the culture all day every day.

Tinder is still one of the most used dating apps, during COVID the platform flourished. Exeter won the title of the city with the most people using Tinder. With a huge student population, it’s clear to see why.

Best Cities to start a Business in the UK

Starting a business is tough, the location is particularly difficult to nail. Most people think London is the best place for success but is it oversaturated and harder to break through the noise of every other new business in the capital?

Best cities to start a business in the UK

Manchester is known as the hometown of some of the most iconic musical legends, but many people may overlook the promising business landscape of this northwest business city. With great motorway links, commercial properties and an abundance of coworking spaces within the music mecca, it is a great place to create a booming business.

Cambridge comes in second place for business opportunities, the city is great for networking with many groups available to expand your contacts.

London comes in third place, although the high population pulls it down the list, the capital has excellent opportunities to build a business, with great transport links, commercial properties available and so many co-working spaces.

Best cities for Pet Lovers in the UK

With an estimated 34 million pets within the UK, almost the entire population considers their pets when choosing where to live. From vets availability, parks and homes with gardens, finding a place where your pet is happy is very important.

Best cities for pet lovers in the UK

Cambridge tops the list with the most vets and plenty of homes with gardens to let per 100 people, the city is a perfect place for you and your pet. The city boasts beautiful green space with phenomenal gardens.

Oxford comes in second place with great housing options, and having a vet nearby will leave you with peace of mind whether your pet needs a simple check-up or a complex appointment. The city is famous for its friendly atmosphere and pedestrianised centre allowing you and your pets to travel easier.

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