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Make sure your property and tenant are both protected and be ready for any emergency with Home Emergency Insurance

12 month cover
<span>Home Emergency</span> Insurance

What does home emergency cover include

Boiler breakdown
Boiler breakdown
Repairs following complete failure to function or breakdown of the main source of heating in your property.
Failure of gas or electric supply
Failure of gas or electric supply
Repairs following the result of a complete failure of the domestic gas or electric supply in your property.
Plumbing issues
Plumbing issues
Repairs following the result of a failure, blockage, leak or damage to the internal plumbing and drainage in your property.
Damage to doors, windows or locks
Damage to doors, windows or locks
Repairs following an emergency which occurs as a result of failure to function or damage to the external doors, windows or locks in your property.
Overnight accommodation
Overnight accommodation
Up to £100 per tenant for accomodation when there is an emergency which makes your property uninhabitable.
Pest infestation
Pest infestation
Repairs following an emergency which occurs as a result of an infestation of pests in your property.
Broken keys in lock
Broken keys in lock
Repairs as a result of the keys to your property unexpectedly breaking, becoming lost or getting locked inside your property.
Roof damage
Roof damage
Repairs to the roof of your property following an emergency which occurs as a result of adverse weather conditions or fallen trees.
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Home Emergency Cover

They say if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail and that is exactly the case when it comes to having a Home Emergency Insurance policy in place. 

As a landlord, chances are that, from time to time, emergency situations will need attending to at your rented property. Home Emergency Insurance gives you assurance and financial protection, as it ensures the cost of said emergency and any repairs, which may be involved, are covered.

Home Emergency Cover

Home Emergency Cover: What is in the policy?

Emergencies in the home happen. Boilers break down, pipes leak, the ceiling collapses, the electrical wiring can become faulty, you name it. A lot of the time, these incidents come out of the blue, and immediate action needs to be taken to ensure your tenants are safe. This is where having a Home Emergency Cover is beneficial.

At Mashroom, our insurance policy is a little different from a regular Home Insurance policy, as with us, we cover the costs of the full repair caused by the accident, not just fixing the emergency so as to prevent it from getting worse.

Home Emergency Cover: What is in the policy?

What does Home Emergency Insurance cover?

Of course, what is and is not covered in your Home Emergency Policy varies from provider to provider and policy to policy, so it is vital to check the fine print when shopping. The general rule of thumb is that your Home Emergency Insurance is reserved for those unexpected incidents that you do not see coming, such as environmental damages.

It is worth noting while the Home Emergency Insurance covers the cost of calling out the relevant workmen to deal with the incident and the immediate repairs required; it does not, however, cover the costs of any long-term repairs needed as a result of the incident. For example, if your boiler is down, your Home Emergency Insurance policy will cover the costs of the boiler man to come down and take a look at the boiler to ensure you are not in immediate danger. While this is the norm, at Mashroom we are pleased to say we offer full fix coverage on all incidents with Home Emergency Cover.

What does Home Emergency Insurance cover?

What does Home Emergency Insurance not Cover?

As has been previously alluded to, Home Emergency Insurance is dependent on what the policymaker views to be an emergency. This usually includes instances such as:

  • General maintenance
  • Small leaks
  • Pest infestations in sheds or outbuildings
  • Electrical failures such as a broken socket.

You can expect your Home Emergency Insurance policy to cover incidents such as:

  • central heating failure
  • Damage caused by extreme weather conditions
  • Security issues including broken doors and windows.

Home Emergency Insurance does not include damage that is a result of daily wear and tear or poor upkeep of appliances such as dripping taps and a faulty electrical socket. 

Why do you need this insurance as a landlord?

As a landlord, you need to make sure you and your property are protected. Should your tenant become injured due to these emergencies, you could be held liable. You also cannot, obviously, determine if and when an emergency will take place, so it is wise to get cover in place so that you’re fully prepared regardless. The money it takes to fix these emergencies outright is very costly, likely putting you, the landlord, under huge financial strain. Having a Home Emergency Insurance policy takes away this burden. 

Home Emergency Insurance protects you against the unexpected. There are certain times during the year where you are more likely to come across these incidents. For example, as you’d expect, there is a higher chance of your boiler breaking down in the middle of winter than during the summer months, so getting cover in place to pre-empt this is wise. 

Why do you need this insurance as a landlord?

Why Mashroom’s services provide additional benefits

The thing that makes Mashroom’s Home Emergency Insurance stand out is the additional support you are provided with. The 24/7 helpline means if you needed to make a claim, you would receive the same level of service and professional care from us no matter what time of day or night you reach out. 

Because of our helpline, we have a good working relationship with a range of nationwide contractors who work in and out of hours. Emergencies follow no schedule, naturally, so we ensure that we have skilled tradespeople available even at times that feel inconvenient. In all cases, the person authorised to make the repair will endeavour to do so within the time scale provided. 

We also guarantee all our contractors have been through a thorough auditing and vetting process, so you can be assured the work carried out as a result of your claim will be to a high standard. We go above and beyond to provide high-quality care you can rely on. 

What other insurance policies do landlords need?

In today’s current climate especially, it is wise for landlords to consider the scenario of their tenants falling into financial difficulties that could prevent them from making their monthly rent payments. A Rent Guarantee Insurance policy is a way for landlords to remain in control of such situations. Cover like Mashroom’s Rent Guarantee Insurance gives landlords the added protection they need, ensuring the payments they expect to receive are accounted for  and that they do not suffer a loss of income. 

There are three things you need to have in place before you can be deemed eligible for a Rent Guarantee Insurance policy with Mashroom. 

  • Tenant’s references
  • Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • The tenant’s security deposit is placed in an official tenancy deposit scheme.

The Assured Shorthold Tenancy contract should clearly state the date when the tenancy began, the date when the rent is due, the time frame of the lease, and a rent review clause. Once you have all of this, the process of gaining a Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy with us is fuss-free and can be done online via our website. 

Another policy we offer at Mashroom is Contents Insurance. Contents Insurance is a  policy all tenants need in order to make sure the belongings within their properties are secure and safe. This is different from Home Emergency Insurance and Rent Guarantee Insurance policies, which are taken out solely by the landlord can relate to the property itself and the income it generates, respectively. The Contents Insurance policy simply focuses on the contents within the property not the property as a whole and can only be taken out by the tenant. 

At Mashroom, our Contents Insurance policies are quoted for on a monthly rolling plan with no hidden fees. The Contents Insurance policy covers items such as furniture, clothes, and household electrical goods, such as your freezer, hair straighteners, microwaves, and kettles. As many of us are now working from home more regularly, it is important to note this also includes your home office as it includes computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, and general office equipment. 

The Contents Insurance policy at Mashroom starts from the date the policy becomes active, where monthly payments will thereon be issued. If you are someone who travels a lot, a Contents Insurance policy could turn accidental damage to your belongings from a costly disaster to a minor inconvenience. Mashroom offers an out-of-home add-on in this scenario, which is suitable for travelling. With this add-on, the belongings you are travelling with, excluding photography equipment, musical equipment, and jewellery, will be protected against theft and accidental damage if you travel anywhere within Europe, plus worldwide travel for a period of 60 days. For the cyclists and bike owners amongst us, Mashroom’s Content Insurance policy covers bicycles, including unintended loss or damage anywhere in Europe; however, this does not include scooters or motorbikes. 

Landlord Insurance is what you need to cover any damages to the building.  For example, if your property is damaged due to a fire, water damage, or vandalism, having a Landlord Insurance policy such as Home Emergency Insurance will ensure any repair costs will be covered. Crucially, it includes third-party liability, which means it protects the landlord if the tenant damages or destroys the foundation of the property. 

Being liable for something means you are held responsible for it. When it comes to being a landlord, you are responsible for the maintenance of the building, dealing with issues such as damp, ensuring the property has a working fire alarm installed and gas fixtures are installed professionally to make sure the tenant living there is living in a safe property. That being said, accidents do happen. Landlord Liability is an additional cover usually found as part of landlord insurance designed to protect landlords from injury and damage-related claims within their property. For example, if a tenant or visitor to the site slips or falls on-site due to inadequate flooring and they decide to sue for compensation, having a Landlord Liability Insurance means as a landlord, the policy will ensure you can make any compensation or legal fees required. 

It falls under the banner of Public Liability Insurance which protects you from claims made by third parties including tradesperson. It covers losses and damages to material properties as well as illnesses or diseases including death and takes into account medical costs and any loss of income incurred by the claimant. 

Making sure your policy includes Accidental Damage Insurance means you can rest in the knowledge you have the support you need when it comes to additional repairs you may have following the original emergency. This includes replacing or repairing items that have been damaged or destroyed as a result of an accident taking place within the home. 

By accidental damage, we mean one-off events such as something heavy falls resulting in it damaging your table or sink. If your property is in a residential area surrounded by a lovely bubbly neighborhood, your Accidental Damage Insurance policy includes any damages caused by issues such as a window breaking due to someone playing football outside the property. It does not however cover things such as a computer breakdown or damage caused by pets or damage caused by cowboy builders. While Contents Insurance can include travel, Accidental Damage Insurance only includes items that are in the home and garden.

Most accidental damage insurance policies also do not include things such as paying workers such as boiler repairmen, plumbers, and other construction workers. You can add Accidental Damage Insurance to your Contents Insurance or your Landlord Insurance but bare in mind when searching for the right accidental cover for a look into the details as some do not cater for properties housing tenants or allow for claims to be made against accidents involving house guests and if the house is vacant for a month or more.  Having something like this in place can make your policy stronger and ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your property, however, unlike the Home Emergency Insurance policy, we offer at Mashroom, it does not cover any pest or vermin damage.

Unoccupied Property Cover for when you are away

Unoccupied Property Cover or Unoccupied Home Insurance is for landlords who are in between tenants or if you are out of the town for more than thirty days for renovations or if you are selling the property. You might own a holiday home that is vacant for months at a time or, due to health reasons, you have to undergo long-term care in a hospital. The reason you need to have such cover in place is that vacant homes are more susceptible to things such as theft, intruders, or vandalism. The length of your policy can vary – some policies can be as short as three months, for example, whereas others are fixed for longer stretches of time. Home Emergency Insurance is vital in these circumstances and will even cover you for empty buildings too!

It does not cover instances of unforced entries, so always make sure the property is locked and make sure all the doors and windows are secured before leaving the property. This prevents squatters and burglars from getting into the property while it is vacant. If you are doing renovations to the property while it is vacant, confirm if your policy includes incidents that might happen while you are working on the major repairs This also includes any incidents involving third-party contractors. 

Unoccupied Property Cover can range anywhere from three to six months, as well as longer periods, such as twelve months. Coverage for longer periods may work in your favour, as the quote will likely be cheaper, and it’s always wise to check the flexibility of your package. For example, add-on extensions may be available, which will be ideal if your property becomes vacant for longer than you originally planned. And, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things quite easily don’t go according to plan, so flexible packages such as this have become increasingly popular, especially with the uncertainty surrounding people renting a new property or being stuck outside of the UK longer than they’d originally imagined. 

Is home emergency cover worth it?

In short, having Home Emergency Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to protect your property. The notion of an emergency cover sounds scary at first as no one likes to foresee an emergency but having the policy in place means you can prepare for the unexpected. When you have Home Emergency Insurance, you don’t have to worry about the little details when the incident takes place. You can rest easy knowing the minor details such as calling contractors, arranging accommodation, and such has been looked after, allowing you to make sure the tenant and your property are safe and sound…

Is home emergency cover worth it?

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At Mashroom, we value and understand the relationship between people and their homes. It is a bond we know goes beyond just having a place to store your belongings. It is a place of pride for those living on the property. 

We work with landlords to ensure they have a beneficial relationship with their tenants throughout their time living in the home. We have created a free online dashboard that makes it easy for both landlords and tenants to find an account of any discussions which have taken place alongside details of any incidents and tools in one secure location. 

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It’s important you understand what is and isn’t covered by the Home Emergency Insurance. The examples and descriptions above are only intended as a guide and you will be able to find the full details in the policy document and Insurance Product Information Document. We do not provide personal recommendations regarding the arrangement of insurance cover. By asking us to quote for, arrange or handle your insurances, you are providing your informed agreement to our Terms of Business.

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