Frequently Asked Questions about Mashroom

Check out our list of frequently asked questions to learn all about Mashroom and how it benefits departing tenants, incoming tenants, and landlords. Click on the appropriate section for more information.
What is Mashroom and how does it work?

Mashroom is a unique end-to-end property lettings platform that benefits both landlords and tenants. It combines technology and community to deliver an efficient way to let, secure, and maintain your property.

We provide departing tenants with all the necessary tools to list the property in just a few easy clicks. Incoming tenants are then able to find listings on major letting portals, chat directly with departing tenants, make an offer and move in.

How does Mashroom pricing work?

We cap our landlord fees at 3% annually, which is only payable when a property is successfully rented via Mashroom. 1% of the fee will help us run the Mashroom platform, and 2% is transferred to the departing tenants for their efforts in securing new occupants. The Landlord will only pay 1% in fees if tenants are not involved with the lettings process.

Renters use Mashroom free of charge to find their new home. If they are departing a current rented property, they can earn money securing a new tenancy through the Mashroom platform.

Mashroom conducts reference checks and onboarding from within the platform. We do not charge tenants that successfully pass their reference checks and go on to move into the property. However, we have to charge a small fee when checks are unsuccessful. Fortunately, there are no hidden costs. You have complete transparency throughout the experience.

Our tenancy deposit insurance reduces the financial burden of the moving- in process. You keep up to 95% of your deposit, which means that you can treat yourself to something nice instead of paying six weeks' worth of rent in advance.

How does Mashroom help with property management?

Mashroom makes it possible for landlords and tenants to manage the property within the platform. We are building a database of maintenance providers and will start connecting them with you shortly.

After we launch, landlords can access the Mashroom database of traders and suppliers as well as support from our in-house team to find the right people for the job. With Mashroom, the landlord is in control and will give the final approval on costs for these additional services before a job is confirmed and carried out.

How do I contact the Mashroom team?
You can contact us by email or come and say hi on Twitter or Facebook