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Get 12 weeks worth of protection through deposit-free letting with Mashroom
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80% of tenants prefer deposit-free renting

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You get twice the coverage of traditional deposit schemes

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Deposit-free listings are a winner for landlords and tenants.

1. Attract more tenants

Deposit-free letting makes a property more affordable and attractive. We charge the tenant the equivalent of one week's rent, so they don't have to stump up a large sum for a traditional deposit scheme.

1. Attract more tenants

2. Enjoy enhanced protection

There's no catch. We increase your protection to 12 week's worth of rent. If damage occurs, we pride ourselves on paying landlords first, while we handle recouping from the tenant.

2. Enjoy enhanced protection

3. Reach resolutions more easily

Managing disagreements through the Mashroom platform makes things fair and transparent. If a resolution can't be agreed, we partnered with RICS, the world's oldest and largest mediator, to help resolve disagreements.

3. Reach resolutions more easily

Increase rental security by listing with Mashroom

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80% of tenant's prefer deposit-free properties

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Mashroom extra security is backed by a multi billion pounds insurance company

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