Section 21 Going Before the Next General Election

    Remember when we reported that the Section 21 ban had been kicked into the long grass? Well it looks like that delay has now been walked back… The will-they-won’t-they drama surrounding Section 21 has been going on for years. First promised in 2019, the ban was initially delayed by the pandemic and late last year …


      11 Reasons Why Your Mortgage Will Fall Through

      You might lose your dream home because of a wrong keystroke! Did you know that a single wrong keystroke could cause your dream of owning your first home to come crashing down? This is a frustratingly common issue that many people face while trying to close a mortgage agreement. When you’re getting pre-approved for a …


        How to Buy a House in the UK: A Step-by-Step Guide

        You’re about to embark on the biggest financial step you could ever take – purchasing your very first home. But… where do you start?! Buying a house is a BIG DEAL, there are lots of things to consider and many steps to take – we’re here to help and guide you through it all. Saving …


          Renting with Pets in the UK: What Landlords Need to Know

          The UK is apparently a nation of animal lovers – so why do landlords force tenants to leave their fur babies behind in order to secure a home?! A lot of landlords are wary of allowing their tenants to keep pets, due to the potential damage they can do to the property. Pets in lets …

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            Avoid BIG FINES: Errors When Renting Your Property

            So you’re just about to start your search for new tenants… but where do you even begin?! When it comes to renting your property, there’s a LOT to consider. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, we’re here to walk you through it… Are you ready to rent? So first things first – is the …


              Landlords Beware! The Hidden Risks of Property Valuation

              Landlords, if you’re about to let your property – this is the easiest way you could be losing A LOT of money. When it comes to valuing your property, this is a key balance to strike, as you don’t want to under- OR over-value your property. The perils of over-valuing Let’s start with over-valuing your …


                Director of Scottish Women’s Premier League Jailed for Fraud!

                We’ve talked about landlords committing rental fraud – but what about tenants?! Yes, it’s not just landlords that are capable of committing rental fraud – a tenant was recently jailed for SIX MONTHS for defrauding her landlord. Who was the tenant Now that I’ve told you that a tenant was defrauding their landlord and was …


                  Nightmare Tenant Stung Landlord for £25,000!

                  The state that some rentals are left in is TRULY SHOCKING. But this is genuinely one of the worst that we’ve seen, resulting in £25k of necessary clean up and repairs… We’re looking at tenant issues today, so you can learn how to avoid them – and all the stress and wasted cash too! Before …


                    TENANTS ARE AT RISK! The Ugly Truth About Black Mould

                    Black mould in a council property in London has left a tenant with a debilitating lung condition that is spreading to his heart. We’re looking at the huge impact that black mould can have on health and wellbeing – and how you can prevent it in your home. Have you experienced incredibly severe mould issues? …


                      Britain’s Worst Landlord Banned for 10 Years!

                      A landlord who claimed his tenants ‘love him’, who has previously been JAILED, is now facing the longest EVER letting ban… We’re going to find out why this landlord was dubbed ‘Britain’s Worst Landlord’. Why a 10 year ban?! Landlord Nilendu Das is 55 and owns multiple properties in the Crookes area of Sheffield, South …

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