Where Are the UK’s Fastest Selling Homes?

Buying and selling bricks and mortar is a year-round business, which means the UK property market barely gets a chance to breathe.

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The Mashroom office has been involved with completions on Christmas Eve, in the height of summer, and just about any other time of the year that you can think of. 

With house prices predicted to rise in 2020, the market is currently in good health. Vendors can be optimistic that their home will be in demand as they head into the new year. But which areas in the UK see homes sell the fastest?

We’ve done a little digging to find out the postcodes that see homes sell before they’ve barely come on the market. Is your home in one of these areas? Read on and find out with our report on where the UK’s fastest-selling homes are located.

The UK’s fastest-selling areas in a snapshot: 


Time on market

Average house price


31 days



39 days



59 days



59 days



59 days



60 days



60 days


Edinburgh tops the list of the UK’s fastest-selling homes, where completion takes an average of just 31 days. While there is no definitive data for the average house sale, completion tends to take place in around 90 days  for most homes in the UK. . 

The average house value in Edinburgh is £304,315, and the Scottish city is well known for its impressive architecture and quaint neighbourhoods. With a castle, palace, parliamentary building, royal gardens, and plenty of art galleries all in the space of one square mile of each other, it’s not hard to see the appeal of the city known as . 

Average time on market: 31 days

Average house price: £304,315

2) Glasgow 

Scotland seems to be where it’s at when it comes to getting a quick sale on your home. Glasgow is number two on the list with the average sale time taking only 39 days. As one of the fastest-moving property markets, Scotland is clearly proving to be an attractive option for buyers. 

Glasgow’s average property price is £195,220, meaning there is plenty of value to be had in the city. Many of the properties are from the Victorian era, which makes them high in demand. There’s also plenty to do in this lively city, from cultural attractions to entertainment amenities. 

Average time on market: 39 days

Average house price: £195,220

3) Birmingham

The Birmingham property market has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and it’s now being reflected with the quick sale times of bricks and mortar. Property takes an average of just 59 days to sell in the Midlands city. 

Average house prices in Birmingham are around £212,425, meaning there are plenty of deals to be had. The city’s popularity has grown in recent times, with many people from London relocating to Birmingham thanks to its healthy job scene and some of the most desirable suburbs in the UK. 

4) Leeds

The property scene in Leeds is in good shape, with homes selling in just 59 days on average. Compared with two other major cities, London (107 days) and Manchester (62 days), it’s clear that Leeds is proving to be a desirable place to live. 

The average house price in Leeds is currently £224,200. The city is the regional capital of Yorkshire and is well known for its friendliness, creativity and culture. Back in 2009, it was named one of Europe’s best cities for business, and that title still holds plenty of weight 10 years later. 

5) Wolverhampton

Birmingham isn’t the only Midlands city to enjoy a buoyant property scene – in Wolverhampton, properties also sell in just 59 days. It’s clear that cities in the Midlands are currently high in demand from buyers looking for a new home. 

Average house prices in Wolverhampton currently sit at £207,060, which is around £5k less than in Birmingham. Wolverhampton is ideally placed for commuting all over the UK and has a good range of entertainment, house types and local schools. 

6) Cardiff

The Welsh capital of Cardiff enjoys one of the fastest-moving property markets in the UK with homes selling in just  60 days. Property sells three days faster on average than Welsh neighbour Swansea (63), which makes it the fastest market in Wales. 

Property prices in Cardiff average £253,090, which is slightly higher than the average UK house price of £234,370. Cardiff is a bustling city that  is popular with both professionals and students. Highlights in the city include Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Castle, and the Millennium Stadium. 

7) Nottingham

The city of Nottingham might be famous for its Robin Hood roots, but it also has an excellent property market. The seventh fastest-moving market in the UK, properties in Nottingham tend to sell after just 60 days after being listed. 

The average house price in Nottingham is £214,035, which makes it an attractive proposition for buyers. The East Midlands city offers plenty to do in the way of entertainment, with the centre offering traditional city buzz and the outskirts providing a more tranquil way of life in the form of charming villages. 

Blink, and you’ll miss it 

Many areas in the UK are enjoying speedy sales, with Manchester, Hull, Liverpool, Sheffield and Swansea also worthy mentions. If you’re thinking of selling your home, there’s never been a better time to get your property on the market –  whether you live in one of the cities on our list or not.

Request a call with one of our property experts, and they will provide expert advice on the landscape in local property market and work with you to achieve your goals.

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