What Are the Best Add Ons for Your Life Insurance Policy?

The NHS is something we should all be very grateful for – but could add ons in your life insurance policy provide you with even more security for your health? 

Did you know that only around 46% (less than half!) of the medicines that are approved for use in the UK actually become available on the NHS? But, for a few extra pounds a month on top of your life insurance, you could cover yourself with Global Health Protection. This life insurance add on gives you access to the very latest treatments abroad, but that’s not the only extraordinary add on available to you.

Mashroom Mortgage’s Mortgage and Protection Advisor Kirsty Primmer shares the top Life Insurance add ons she thinks you shouldn’t miss.

What is an add on for a life insurance policy?

In simple terms, an add on is an additional product that you can add alongside your life insurance policy.

This means that you can tailor your policy to exactly what you want. If you just want to ensure a pay out upon your passing, that’s totally fine. But if you are looking for protection during your lifetime too – this is where add ons can make that happen. 

What are the add ons available for a life insurance policy?

Some add on products are included in the price of your policy, but there are many that require an additional fee, but offer huge value for money.

One insurer has something called Global Treatment, which pays for you to go and have the best treatment in the world should you be diagnosed with something like cancer, or require live organ transplant or neurosurgery. This add on would actually pay for you to go and have the best treatment in the world. It would also pay for a partner to go out with you, it also covers your children.

In fact, if one of your children requires treatment, both parents can go and it covers hotels, food, and so on.

Sounds like it would be incredibly expensive, right? Wrong! It’s an extra £3 a month for up to £2 million of cover. 

But that’s not the only add on you could consider. A lot of our insurers at the moment include access to private doctor’s treatment, so you can have consultations with a GP within three hours via video or telephone. This is a lifeline when the NHS is as stretched as it currently is and, in fact, is often included in your policy, rather than as an add on.

Why are insurers including extras in their policies?

So why are our insurance companies actually offering things like appointments with private GPs? They never used to!

It does actually come down to that bottom line – if something is diagnosed earlier, then it’s treated earlier and they don’t have to pay out the larger lump sum of the claim. So it is actually in their best interests to offer this additional support. 

The insurers are basically saying prevention is better than cure – they’d rather pay for your prevention. And everyone absolutely wants to be as healthy as possible, so it’s a win-win!

What are the potential downsides of using add ons?

There really isn’t! Working with an advisor means you can tailor the policy so you get the cover and support you want at the price that works for you. 

If you’re keen to learn more about the add ons that you could benefit from, book a call with Kirsty today.

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