Virtual Viewings: What is the best way to run a video viewing?

What is the best way to run a virtual video viewing?

It’s a great question – there’s no doubt that virtual house viewing whilst selling property can get you more views than the traditional route. It’s also easier than you think and can speed up the process, making things much quicker for both of you when potential tenants want to organise to view a property.

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Many estate agents are also jumping on the trend of virtual viewings as it’s a fantastic way to showcase homes to prospective buyers or renters. 

The way we view properties has changed, and whether you do-it-yourself or ask an agency, virtual viewings are now part of regular property viewings and are a popular choice in the lettings world. Online viewings became the safe option during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, so there was no need to stall during lockdowns.

But apart from the pandemic, why else is video viewing useful? 

  • Global availability. Your future tenant could be living in another country, so booking in some video viewings before they come to the UK is a great first step
  • Minimise travel. While some people may be moving from abroad, some may simply be moving from another part of the country, making video viewing a convenient alternative for them too
  • Sickness. If your viewer has fallen ill and can’t make it, you can still host the viewing – which is good news for both sides
  • Convenience. It’s all about convenience – you can usually host a few more viewings when they’re done via video and you open yourself up to a much larger audience of potential tenants 

How to do a virtual video viewing?

There’s no excuse not to offer a video viewing these days, as with the tech we have installed on our everyday smartphones, hosting your own video walk-through is quite simple. 

Be prepared to answer any questions that may be asked during the virtual house viewing, as live viewings are a popular option allowing buyers to ask questions in real-time, giving them quick answers to any concerns they may have. 

To make your property listing stand out, here are a few pointers to nail that virtual viewing. 

  • Test run. Get a friend to join you for a test run. Plan a path before you start to film so you have a smooth route with no sudden changes in direction. Don’t move too fast, as a dizzy viewer is never a happy viewer. Ask your friend for live feedback on how it’s going
  • Use a gimbal. A gimbal is a pivoting support that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis. Gimbals can assist you in getting that smooth footage you’re after, but require some practice before you can reap the benefits of using one (be sure to use it on your test run!)
  • Declutter. A great first impression is a clean environment. The golden rule is to show your property at its best. Floors and surfaces should be clutter-free during viewings, and be prepared as your buyer may want to get a sneak-peek inside the cupboards, so make sure they’re neatly organised too. Storage is a huge requirement that prospective buyers will likely ask about. Find out about the Marie Kondo Tidying Up method if you’re looking for more decluttering tips.
  • Check your quality. It’s worth checking the highest quality of video on your phone before you press record or start your live viewing. Low-quality videos may just frustrate your viewer and add tension to the experience. If someone is going to make an offer relying entirely on your video, they should be able to see clearly before they make a decision
  • Use great lighting. Lighting can be a game changer, so pull your curtains back and blinds as far as possible to allow the maximum amount of light to flood your rooms. Arrange a call during daylight hours rather than in the evening, as the darker your room the more difficult it is for your viewer. A great idea to allow natural lighting to flood your rooms is to leave your doors open during the viewing. This can catch any gloomy corners and brighten up your corridors, where you’d rarely have a window 
  • Start outside. ‘Kerb appeal’ is an important factor of home viewings, as a true home tour starts on the outside. Start your tour from the street, or if you have a garden or balcony, show from an outdoor angle rather than just through the window – making it much more appealing. Your garden or outdoor space should be emphasised in your viewing as it is often something that excites a prospective buyer or tenant
  • Know your angles. Positioning during a video is everything, because your viewer is only able to see your home through the lens you give them. When presenting, scan the room carefully from an angle that allows the viewer to see your rooms as a whole. For example, position yourself at the doorway, then try another view from the opposite side, scanning wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to show the room in its entirety.
  • Highlight what’s unique. It’s all in the details, so highlight anything unique in your home that you think may bring interest to your buyer. It could be that renovated bathroom design, the new flooring, or garden patio you’ve just built. Anything that stands out could catch the eye of your viewer and help your home stand out against the rest
  • Check your connection. Don’t forget too, that a high-speed, quality internet connection is a must. You wouldn’t want any lagging to take place during your virtual viewing, which will only frustrate and potentially repel your viewer altogether. If there is internet in the property, connect to the wifi, rather than relying on phone data

The opportunities with virtual video viewings are endless, so there’s no reason not to start. We hope these examples will help get your foot out the door and onto that virtual video viewing you’ve been waiting for. At Mashroom, we also offer flexible video viewings for your convenience. If you find that you can’t or simply aren’t able to make a viewing in person, get in touch to discuss our video viewing options. 

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