Working From Home: Can My Landlord Pay for Extra Furniture?

Georgie Kenny
By Georgie Kenny
Mar 27, 2021

Since early 2020, numerous people have needed to adapt and start working from home. However, not all homes are fit for the work-from-home life, and some tenants might start wondering if there is anything the landlord can do to help and ease out the situation. 

While problems with bills and rent payments cannot be discussed in general terms, extra furniture can be one of the topics that can heat up an argument between renters and landlords. 

We’ve put together this guide essentially to answer the question ‘can my landlord pay for extra furniture?’, but also to give you some advice on how to cope with the current situation, staying most of your day in and working from home. 

Can my landlord pay for extra furniture? 

The quick answer is no, that is to say, that the landlord only has the responsibility only on the topic of safety of the fixtures and fittings of your house, but cannot provide you with extra furniture due to the lockdown situation. The argument would be different if we were to talk about different types of physical abilities. In that case, yes, the landlord is responsible and needs to cater to the specific needs of the renter. 

Whose responsibility is furniture?

The furniture is the tenant’s responsibility, but if you really would like to have that extra furniture, you can always try and nicely ask your landlord to help you. Renters are entitled to add the furniture they want or need, like desks and chairs, but this should be done without altering the fixtures and fitting of property unless the landlord has given you permission to do so. 

Home office with desk

Ask your landlord!

If you feel brave enough, you might drop an email or a letter to your landlord proposing to buy something like a very stylish and fashionable table or something like a sofa or an armchair that would actually increase the value of the property. Indeed, they might choose to consider it, but this will not guarantee that they will actually pay for it. It might still be worth a try, though!

However, remember to always put it down as a suggestion and not as if you are the master in increasing business values or other things.

Your landlord may buy furniture from you as your tenancy ends

Otherwise, you can start and think about getting the new furniture yourself and then when the time of ending your tenancy arrives; you can propose the landlord buy the furniture from you, or, worst come worst, take them with you to your new house. In this way, you would have invested in something that will probably still last a lifetime. 

Although these can be tricky moments for your own work and personal life, you should try and create a good ambience and a good working-condition inside your home if you can manage it on your budget. Indeed, it can be a very well-spent investment and maybe if you would be able to ask nicely enough, your landlord might actually agree and pay for the furniture you need.

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