What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe register is an official list or register of engineers who are qualified to work with gas appliances in the UK. 

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By being on the register, a gas engineer is considered qualified and able to work with gas installations in a legal and, more importantly, safe manner.

The purpose of the register

The creation of the Gas Safe register came about to provide the general public with a quality, consistent and safe service on gas works. The register prevents individuals from hiring the services of an unqualified or potentially incompetent engineer who could compromise the safety of gas installations and pose a considerable health and safety risk in doing so.

Furthermore, in legal terms, the only gas engineers that are allowed to carry out work that involves gas appliances or installations are in fact Gas Safe registered engineers. 

This legal requisite exists to reduce the chances of incompetence, but also to provide an affordable, all-inclusive, industry standardised service that is available to all either through the Gas Safe register website or by phone.

Gas safe register UK

How do engineers get on the gas safe register?

By being on the Gas Safe register, an engineer will have gone through strenuous checks which would require a number of qualifications, competences and courses. Even then, once on the register, the engineer will be placed on a three month probationary period, which encourages the engineer to uphold the industry standards and keep in line with the general rules of the register. 

Ultimately the Gas Safe register is in place to protect the general public from unsafe gas work and maintenance. 

How do I check if an engineer is on the Gas Safe register?

As a customer, you can make sure that the engineer servicing your installation is Gas Safe registered by going to the Gas Safe register website’s ‘check an engineer’ window and run their engineer card number through. 

By inputting their card number, you will see a picture of your engineer as well as a list of their qualifications and experience. 

How to contact a registered engineer ?

In order to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out any necessary checks or work at your property you can make use of the ‘find by location’ service on the Gas Safe register website. Alternatively you could also contact local gas safety providers directly, but do check that they are indeed Gas Safe registered before giving them access to your appliances. 


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