Do I Need a Gas Safety Certificate to Sell My Home?

When buying or selling a property there are certain rules that have to be followed and abided by. 

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Gas safety during the sale or purchase of property is important and thus as a prospective buyer or seller it is helpful and important to understand what you need to do.

Helping the chances of your sale 

As it stands there are no legal requirements which bring forward a requirement on behalf of a seller to provide a gas safety certificate at the point of sale of a property. 

That being said, however, having a valid gas safety certificate to show to prospective buyers can put their mind at ease over the functionality and operation of gas appliances. When preparing to put a house on sale you should ascertain that the property is safe for the new owner to live in. 

This includes making sure that gas safety checks are carried out across the property and that at the time of sale of the property it is completely safe for the new landlord to move into. 

Thus, there is no legal requirement for any gas safety checks or certificates to be carried out when buying or selling a home. 

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Buyers asking for documentation 

One thing that prospective buyers can do is ask for the gas safety records, with the seller providing whatever documentation they may have. It could come to the point where a sale would take place contingent on there being a gas safety certificate for the property, as a direct request of the buyer. 

This is often done to spot any issues that there may be with the property, and if the gas appliances require fixing or alterations, a buyer can save himself unwanted expenses by asking the seller to resolve the issues at hand. 

In general, if you are confident in the functioning of gas appliances, it is most certainly worth paying roughly £60 to have a gas safety check to enable the sale of your home. 

Thus, it is not a legal requirement to have a gas safety report when buying or selling a house, however it is a useful certificate to have and is certainly worth investing in. 

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