A Guide to Decorating Your Bathroom for Less

Giorgia Brigatti
By Giorgia Brigatti
Mar 26, 2021

Bathrooms are an essential part of your home, so we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out how to transform your bathroom on a budget, making it look more akin to the bathroom of your dreams. 

Whether you are a short-term renter, looking for a way to improve your bathroom cheaply, or you are a renter that wants a new look for his/her bathroom after many years, we’ve got you covered, read further to know all our top suggestions. 

Under £50 

Add some paint

Always make sure to double-check if this is OK with your landlord first, but adding a lick of paint to the bathroom is a great way to give it a new and updated look.

bathroom with plant

Paint your bathroom’s ceiling 

Painting ceilings are a huge trend right now, and just painting the ceiling of your bathroom in a dark colour that is definitely not white will give you a very different outlook, giving your space a much bigger interest. Moreover, if you are very keen, you can also invest in exceptional bathroom lighting that will help you in changing the look of this room. It’s a great way to make your private space feel personal and unique.

Paint your bathroom’s floor

Along with painted ceilings, the bathroom floor has now attracted attention and has the newest and more chic updates. Definitely, carpets have run their way, and some other plastic-based variants are equally not advisable. If you are lucky enough and have floorboards, you can paint them with wood paint, for example, so that the colour will be more durable and the floor less slippery. 

Paint your bathroom walls an unexpected colour 

This is the next more straightforward change of look to your bathroom. Indeed, the walls will be unmissable whenever entering the room, and if you opt for a soft shade of pink, for example, it will also add a feel of space-enhancing to your room. 

If you are brave enough, and maybe the colour of your toilet wall is already great for you, you can opt for an ombré paint effect, which you can realise by getting three different shades of varying tones of the same colour to create a very stylish effect on your bathroom walls. 

Another option for a stylish bathroom wall is to concentrate on just one wall and play around with tile stickers. Make sure they are water-resistant, and the game is set. And you can use them on the floor too!

Add bathroom wallpaper

If painting is not your first choice, or it is too basic for you, you can always try out wallpapers. Surely, you should not put the wallpaper in contact with water, but you can arrange it in the less wet areas of your bathroom, like around the mirror usually put on top of the sink and so forth. 

Moreover, there are wallpapers specifically designed for bathrooms. If those are not good for you, you can actually use any wallpaper you like; just make sure to use extra strong wallpaper adhesive and one or more layers of varnish on top to help protect it from accidental water and stream. 

New bathroom

Get some stylish bathroom storage 

When designing your bathroom, try and opt for practical but also stylish bathroom storage solutions; open shelving usually makes up for a good ambience. Indeed, on open shelves, you can stage nicely arranged decorative pieces, such as candles, house plants, folded towels. This will give that relaxing look you might be looking for. 

 Add simple bathroom accessories for a fresher feel

A quick and inexpensive way of updating your bathroom is to buy some new and well-designed accessories to make it look newer and nicer. For example, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, storage jars, air fresheners, mini-makeup mirrors, and many others can easily change your toilet’s look. 

Add a beautiful mirror

Mirrors enlarge and brighten the space of your bathroom without effort; you can always buy a new one and update the feeling of your bathroom. You can play on the frames and size of it to match your bathroom at its best. 

Fill your bathroom with House Plants

You can add one stylish plant or create a thriving indoor garden inside your bathroom. From adding a couple of them on your shelves to hanging them in a few baskets, they will make your bathroom feel like a new space. 

Bamboo and aloe vera are perfect plants that thrive in humid conditions, and air plants too that take moisture from the air are easy to take care of.

If your bathroom is windowless, it is better to get some fake plants.

Swap your Shower Curtain 

A beautiful and shiny new shower curtain can totally change the look of your bathroom, and there is a very wide choice to choose from.

 Hang a Wall Gallery

You can treat your bathroom decor, and style like you would treat a living room. But hanging a gallery wall, you can finally put in place those pictures you’ve left in storage and create a new and perfect look for your bathroom.

Replace Sealant

All you’re going to need is a cartridge gun with new sealant and a Stanley knife to remove the old sealant. If you want to get more creative, try and use coloured silicone, other than white or grey.

For £50-£100

Buy some new pieces of bathroom Furniture

Not as expensive as a new sink or bath, you will be able to give a new look to your bathroom with the addition of a stylish side table or a statement stool. If the piece is not necessarily made for bathrooms, it will give a little more character to your bathroom. Rustic wooden stools, for example, can be both practical and stylish for a new ambience.

storage under sink bathroom

 Change your bathroom window treatment

You can give your space a little update by changing your window blind. You can choose a roller blind, with a stylish and beautiful pattern, or a more traditional Roman blind, or even a window film. Get inspired and look around as there are many options you can choose from!

There you have it, a variety of ways to decorate your bathroom cheaply. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you to freshen up your space.

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