Moving to the Jewellery Quarter: Area Guide

Georgie Kenny
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Named after the high concentration of jewellers in the area, the Jewellery Quarter is an indie haven nestled right next to Birmingham’s city centre. 

This single square kilometre is jam-packed with cafes, florists, boutiques, restaurants, bars, tattoo parlours, chocolatiers and – of course – jewellery shops.

Thinking of moving to the Jewellery Quarter? You’re in luck. We’ve put together this helpful guide detailing everything you’d ever want to know about this bustling Birmingham neighbourhood.

Where is the Jewellery Quarter?

The Jewellery Quarter is an area of central Birmingham, just north-west of the centre. 

The district houses 19,000 residents and is an official anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage

A brief history of the Jewellery Quarter

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Birmingham experienced a boom in the late 1700s during the Industrial Revolution thanks to its manufacturing prowess, making goods including metal products for toys, like buckles and buttons. 

Although the Jewellery Quarter has the largest concentration of jewellery businesses in Europe and produces 40% of the jewellery made in the UK, its jewellery shops didn’t open to the public until the 1970s. 

The Jewellery Quarter was originally a community of wholesalers, but economic incentives prompted the move to sell directly to customers, eventually leading to the eclectic mix of independent businesses livening up the area today. 

An in-depth look at the Jewellery Quarter

Who lives there?

The Jewellery Quarter is popular with creatives, young professionals and locals looking for a strong community that’s just a stone’s throw from the city centre. 

The Jewellery Quarter’s housing market is dominated by flats rather than houses, so it tends to attract couples or individual renters rather than families. 

Types of property in the Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter has recently undergone a residential transformation, with older or unused buildings being converted to flats. 

The Jewellery Quarter is an up-and-coming area, so investors and developers are constantly looking to create more housing. Some of the newly developed flats are in a luxury New York style, but there are also cosier options if that’s more within your price range. 

Renters, take note: a 1-bedroom flat can start at around £600 per month, 2 bedrooms will cost at least £800 per month, and (relatively rare) 3-bedroom flats come with a hefty price tag of around £2,000 per month. 

Jewellery Quarter transport

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The Jewellery Quarter is a 15-minute walk from Birmingham’s city centre. 

If you’re not feeling a stroll, then hop on the tram at Grand Central and buy a £1 Midland Metro City Hop to get you into central Birmingham. 

There are plenty of bus services in and around the local area, as well as the Jewellery Quarter Train Station, which runs on the Birmingham to Worcester line. 

For trips further afield, you also have Snow Hill Station virtually on your doorstep. 

Restaurants and shops 

It’s all in the name; the Jewellery Quarter is bursting with jewellery shops, gold dealers and watch shops, where you can always find a special gift. 

But what about when you get hungry? The Jewellery Quarter has got you covered, with a great range of bars, cafes and restaurants. 


Lasan is all about serving up exquisitely presented Indian classics with a contemporary twist. Gordon Ramsay named Lasan as the Best Local Restaurant when it won first place on his show, The F Word. 

Rock and Roll Brewhouse Bar

Rock and Roll Brewhouse bar is 100% vegan microbrewery spinning nostalgic, head banging playlists every weekend. 

Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters

Coffee snobs, aficionados and connoisseurs will all appreciate a delicious, fair-trade cup of coffee at Quarter House Coffee Roasters. You can even get family farm supplied milk in your latte if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent.

Gingermeg’s Vintage

Go back in time and visit shop-owner Virginia’s lifelong passion project. You’ll have to book an appointment to browse, but Gingermeg’s Vintage is open 7 days a week, and you’ll always have an expert on hand to talk about your next Victorian skirt or piece of 1950s nightwear. 

Restaurant Folium

For something a little fancier, head on over to Restaurant Folium. This chic modern restaurant promises an elevated dining experience, with a mouth-watering menu of classic British food and relaxed, well-informed service.

Socialising in the Jewellery Quarter

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Moving to the Jewellery Quarter

There’s really something for everyone in the Jewellery Quarter. 

Take a leisurely stroll and pop your head into shops that look interesting, and you’re guaranteed to be met with something that sparks your curiosity. 

Just book a few property viewings, and you’ll soon be saying hello to your shiny new home.



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