Let your outgoing tenant find your next one

They conduct viewings in exchange for one week's rent, so you can secure a new tenant faster.
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How much could you save?

*Using Mashroom to manage your lettings for free, and spending only a week's rent to get new tenants, you can save up to 15% of annual rental income – the average cost of high street agents’ minimum package.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Avoid paying agent fees (up to 15%) and avoid hassle

Tenants get tenants

Tenants get tenants

Motivated tenants are the best advocates for your home

No more void periods

No more void periods

New tenants are lined up when the existing tenants move out

Team up with your tenant and more

1. Create a free account

In a few clicks you can join, create an account, and list your property. We'll advertise it on the top UK property portals completely free.

1. Create a free account

2. Appoint your outgoing tenant

Once you've joined and created a listing, you can easily invite your outgoing tenant to conduct viewings with potential candidates.

2. Appoint your outgoing tenant

3. Accept and offer, reward your tenant

You choose your preferred new tenant and accept the offer via your dashboard. Your outgoing tenant will be rewarded with one week's rent - after the new tenant has moved in.

3. Accept and offer, reward your tenant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Either you invite your outgoing tenant to help with viewings or vice versa. But whoever made the first move, it's the tenant who will host viewings for renters. Meanwhile, you have complete oversight of viewing requests, candidate profiles and statuses. And only you can accept an offer on your property.

Motivated tenants are the best advocates for your home, and by rewarding them for finding new tenants, you also avoid paying agent fees (up to 15%). So you save time and money!

Teaming up creates better relationships between landlords and tenants. Our Team Up scheme is the first of many mutually beneficial features on Mashroom, with each one aimed at building more trust and respect in our community.

It’s best to get in touch with your tenant as early as possible before their move-out date, giving them enough time to conduct viewings and ensure a smooth transition.

Once your outgoing tenant has conducted a successful viewing, and the new tenant has moved in and paid rent, the reward will be paid from the incoming tenant’s first rental payment. The amount is equivalent to one week’s rent.

Yes, you’ll be able to oversee all viewings that your tenant schedules from your online dashboard. Once the viewing process is complete, you’ll have total control over accepting the best offer.

They can't. Once the viewing process is complete, only you will receive offers, and only you have control over accepting or rejecting them.

Once someone makes an offer, you’ll get an email and a notification on your dashboard.

In order to team up with your tenant, you first need to sign up with Mashroom and list your property for free. Once your property is listed with us, you’ll be able to appoint them as viewing managers. Your tenant will then receive viewing requests and be able to hold viewings on your behalf. You’ll be able to keep track of the viewings from your dashboard.

Your tenant chooses when to hold viewings to suit their schedule. If they need to reschedule, they’ll be able to get in touch with the viewers directly and propose a new date and time for the viewing.

We've put together a comprehensive guide with all the info your tenant needs to host a great viewing.

We'll be happy to promote your property on social media for added exposure.

Something else? Let us know.