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Well done, that’s the first step of making your property stand out in a market.

According to over half of Brits, videos and images are everything when it comes to picking the perfect pad, so it’s important to showcase yours in the best way possible.

If you don’t know where to begin, fear not. Here’s interior designer Mo Vernon to give you all the tips and tricks to make your place pop.

is Key.

  • Clear the clutter and plump up those lifeless pillows for the best chance of renting your property.
  • A well-prepped room is an equivalent to the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of birds tweeting in the morning.
  • A clean and well-prepared home is a certified way to make your home get the attention it deserves.

The best light is right for renting your home.

  • A well-lit home is the difference between your home looking more five star than under-par.
  • Time of day means everything: North-facing rooms will give the most amount of light in the morning and south-facing rooms lap up the evening glow.
  • Ambience is key: Stay clear of main lights, instead fill dark areas of the room with softer lighting, such as lamps and candles to create a balanced ambience.

Composition is everything.

  • When it comes to photography, hold your phone/camera so that vertical lines such as window frames and chimney breasts appear vertically within the frame. This makes for a more aesthetically pleasing final image.
  • Show off your best assets! Whether a beautiful fireplace or bookcase, create images that make your property stand above the rest.
  • Look at the bigger picture - Create a feeling of space and minimalism, is there anything you could remove to make the room look more appealing - Clutter is the enemy of any landlord or seller.

At the centre of every home, is a great story.

  • Be a story seller! - Create a narrative around your home that appeals to tenants.
  • No one wants to move into a lifeless, uninhabited space, it's down to you to make your home look vibrant and come alive.
  • Try to inject life - and movement into your images. Set the scene, invite a group of friends over and create shots where the viewer can visualise themselves entertaining in the room.

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A well-lit home is the difference between your home looking more five star than under-par.

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