Why Estate Agents Need Social Media

As a seller or buyer, you may ask yourself, “why do I need to know the reasons why estate agents social media?” We get it, too: your primary concern is either the purchasing or the selling of bricks and mortar, with little afterthought.

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Once upon a time, you would pick up your local paper and head to the property section to see what’s on the market. Then the millennium came along, and with it came Rightmove, which birthed the property portals. Today, social media plays a significant role in our lives, especially if you’re navigating the UK property market.

Estate agents to be on social media – not just for themselves, but also for you, their customers. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are vital for growing reach and connecting house sellers and buyers.

Here’s why…

Building a brand is important for everyone 

Social media is here to stay, and brands will continue finding ways to make themselves relevant through its medium. Sure, brand building has a direct, positive impact on the estate agent – it’s a chance for us, whether online or on the high street, to increase our reach and get more people interested.

The potential to maximise reach is vast, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t care about the business opportunities such growth may entail. But it’s also crucial for the customers of that brand, especially when it comes to the business of buying and selling bricks and mortar.

Think of it as another avenue for property promotion. At Mashroom, we believe it’s important to share our listings on social media, and do so regularly on our Instagram page. The more we build a following across social media, the better the chances of a potential house buyer seeing your home.

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A chance to give back 

It’s one thing building your own reputation across social media, but none of it matters if you don’t provide customers with a reason to follow you. While we’re hot on sharing our property listings, we’re also impartial to the odd competition.

Over the past few months, we’ve given away Easter prizes and summer hampers. We even did a Game of Thrones giveaway, which we think was considerably better than the end of the final season. Over the coming months we’ll be doing even more giveaways, so keep an eye out on our IG page.

Competitions aren’t the only way to connect with audiences, however. And it’s important to give back in ways other than prize giveaways.

Essentially, estate agents need to be more than the sum of their parts, spend time in local communities and offer loyalty to customers. Throwing in the odd competition never goes amiss either.

Better connections 

You can add all the other bells and whistles but, primarily, social media’s power comes in its ability to connect with people. It offers a faster reach than any other method and, if done correctly, makes people feel involved with your brand.

That feeling of connection goes a long way to building relationships. We no longer live in a space where communication between brands and customers is one-way traffic. Customers, consumers, followers audiences – they’re very much part of the conversation now.

Estate agents that realise the importance of involving customers are in a better position to build trust and general feelings of goodwill – but it needs to come from a genuine place.

Any brand that goes through the motions will be found out and struggle to build an audience.

Share your expertise 

From blog posts to sharing property market news and everything in-between, social media offers instant reach – which means providing insight to audiences at a faster pace. Not everything is about the hard sell; sometimes it’s even more important to provide valuable, insightful content.

We recently looked at the digital revolution happening in the property market and what it means for house buyers and sellers. Another article included the best way to get your house offer accepted and whether you should upsize or downsize.

All of this content is shareable on social media and provides followers with another avenue for accessing it. Everything ties back into building trust and providing all the information an audience needs to make informed decisions about their property.

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