Top Tips for a Bathroom Without Windows

Georgie Kenny
By Georgie Kenny
Mar 27, 2021
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When you’re looking for a place to buy to rent out, your mind will probably not be on the bathroom windows or lack of them – there is so much else to think about. 

If you do find yourself with a place to rent that has a bathroom with no window, there are some simple ways to ensure the room still gets enough ventilation and looks bright and spacious. 

A bathroom without a window can easily feel dark and dingy and may even put tenants off your property. But don’t worry! Follow this guide for easy ways to have an unproblematic bathroom… even if it doesn’t have any windows! 

Install an extractor fan

An extractor fan will help to clear any build-up of moisture in the bathroom. It is a good idea for the extractor fan to be linked to the bathroom light so that whenever the light is switched on, the fan comes on too. 

This will help to remove excess moisture from the bathroom and prevent the growth of mould. If an extractor fan is already installed, it’s important to check when it was put in, as they should be replaced on average every 10 years. 

The fan will naturally turn from white to yellow with use, and this also gives you an idea of how long it has been installed. If you are finding mould or water that isn’t evaporating, try changing your extractor fan- this tends to solve the problem! 

Add some reflective surfaces 

Adding a bathroom mirror will help to reflect light around the room, which is otherwise difficult to do when you have a bathroom with no window. 

However, you can still take advantage of artificial light sources which will bounce off the mirror and create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. You could even look into investing in a LED mirror, which will also bring more light into the room. 

Glass countertops and wall panels are another great way to spread light around the room when you don’t have a window. Plus, they’re easy to clean! You can also use glass bathroom fittings, which will help to reflect light around the room too. 

green bathroom plants

Add bathroom plants

There are some plants that will thrive in a bathroom with no natural light, which makes them a perfect way to add some colour and life into the room. 

Adding plants will bring some ambience and add a sense of tranquillity to your bathroom, even if you don’t have any natural light. If you aren’t a good plant-mum/dad, artificial plants are another perfect option! 

Choose a light and bright colour scheme 

The right colour scheme can really help to brighten your windowless bathroom. White is the most common choice for bathrooms, but if you’re not into that, you could implement some pastel colours (blues, greens and yellows) or neutral tones. Another top tip is to choose cool-tone lightbulbs that will better reflect light and add to the overall brightness of the room. 

Having a windowless bathroom can seem like a turn-off to tenants, but if it is presented in the right way, there is no need for it to be. These tips are great for brightening your bathroom space and creating an airy and tranquil room- the perfect addition to any rental property. 

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