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Join Mashroom on Friday 18th November at 3pm to get ready for tax season and understand how much you can claim back on allowable expenses.

As well as knowing the ins and outs of compliance, so that you can rent your property legally, landlords also need to be up to date with tax. You can easily be caught out over things like what you can and cannot claim on.

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  • Learn all about tax!
  • Income Tax: How does your day job affect your property bottom line?
  • Allowable expenses: What exactly can you claim for?
  • Latest News: Landlord licensing & national updates
  • Latest from Mashroom What do you need to know about your insurance this winter?
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And while no one wants to overpay, finding out later that you’ve underpaid and be landed with a hefty bill from HMRC is just as bad! So we’re joined by chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser Richard Cunningham for the start of a tax series that will talk you through everything a landlord needs to know about tax, but was too afraid to ask.

We’re in a time of political upheaval and economic chaos that is impacting the property market as never before, so doing all you can to protect your investment is the best thing you can do to weather the storm.

We’re joined by Richard Cunningham, a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser, who breaks down the impact your day job has on your tax, as well as the nitty gritty about allowable expenses, so you can fill in your tax return like a pro.

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