Planet Property: Should you look to the stars for your next investment?

A Planetary Portfolio

The first man went into space in 1961 and only eight years later, on 2nd July 1969, the first man walked on the Moon. Some 50 years later, Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, is now the oldest person to have gone into space at 90 years old, enjoying the sudden boom in ‘space tourism’ while NASA and SpaceX continue to explore the possibility other planets offer.

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As climate change tightens its grip on planet Earth, we decided it’s time to turn our attention to the stars and see what the galaxy has to offer our property portfolios.


As the closest planet to the Sun, not only does Mercury enjoy wonderful sunny weather all year round, but a calendar year only takes the equivalent of 88 Earth days, so you’ll need to adjust your landlord admin accordingly (and start lying about your age).

Be sure to budget for four gas safety checks a year, and consider how your annual AST renewal might work with a shorter year.


A moonless planet, Venus is not renowned for its nightlife. If you are looking to attract a tenant looking for a slower pace of life, this could be the planet for you.

It has a very similar makeup to Earth (crushing pressure and poisonous atmosphere aside) so should feel really familiar for people keen for a move, but not ready to take the leap to some of the more ‘out there’ options.


Mars has been the hot topic for a long time, and it is still looking to be a safe bet for investments. With Rovers doing all the pre-prep, the Red Planet looks like a great option for intergalactic landlords.

However, with so much focus on one rock, there’s a concern that prices will rocket, and yields may not be the best… Investing in the safe bet isn’t always the best option for the highest returns.


Known as a gas giant, Jupiter isn’t looking to be the most stable base for long-term investment opportunities.

If you DO want to invest in a floating rental, there’s plenty of space to work with. At 318 times the size of Earth, detached properties are likely to be big news on Jupiter, they’re just unlikely to remain in one fixed location for very long…


The ringed planet is a real draw aesthetically, but possibly not the best planet for a traditional property… According to NASA it could float in water (it’s made mainly of hydrogen and helium) so you’d struggle to invest in traditional bricks and mortar.

Don’t be put off though! There’s plenty of alternative property types that may provide an ideal solution for this funky looking planet. If you like it, draw a ring round it in the solar system catalogue today!


The coldest planet in the solar system, investing in Uranus takes some thinking about.

All sensible landlords are giving real thought to thorough insulation, and hiking EPC ratings would be an ongoing project.

Although the planet drew closer to the Sun in 2007, investors shouldn’t rely on Uranus shifting to heat up the atmosphere… Proper insulation and efficient heating is a must on this chilly planet.


The winds on Neptune blow at more than 1,100 miles an hour – faster than the speed of sound on Earth – so you’ll really need to consider things like maintenance costs for fence repair and sliding roof tiles.

If you’re looking to invest in this puffing planet, we’d recommend a management package – otherwise you may find yourself forever managing maintenance


Is it a planet, isn’t it a planet, who knows anymore? However, with so much swirling controversy, could now be an ideal time to make an investment in this tiny piece of planetary confusion?

Officially a Dwarf Planet, Pluto may be small, just two thirds of the size of Earth’s moon, but Pluto packs a punch in the landscape department with mountains, valleys, plains, craters, and maybe glaciers making up its surface. Earth’s moon really can’t compete. A haven for tenants looking to escape the rat-race and really get away from it all.

Bonus: Europa

Ok, Europa’s not a planet, but if you’re willing to think outside the box a little, buying a chunk of moon could be a great investment. And let’s face it, if you’re looking to invest beyond the stars, a moon isn’t going to be that much of a stretch.

Structurally Europa, one of Jupiter’s three moons, is very similar to Earth, with an iron core, a rocky terrain and a salt water ocean (hidden beneath 15 miles of ice, but hey, close enough). Europa would feel fairly familiar (if you are currently a landlord in Antarctica), so would be a great bet for tempting tenants skywards.

Special Mention: Earth

We couldn’t leave you without a nod to the original and (still) the best.

Landlords looking to stick with tradition and invest on Earth still have plenty of options. Most tenants, except the odd eccentric billionaire or actor, seem keen to keep their feet on this planet, with all it’s mod-cons, such as a deliciously breathable atmosphere, water, gravitational field and generally fairly hospitable way of life.

That said, as referenced so clearly by Wall-E, there is the possibility that as we keep picking away at Earth, we will have to look to other planets as an alternative solution in the future. So why not be ahead of the game and invest intergalactically today!

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