My Landlord Life: Olivia Musisi

This week we met landlord Olivia Musisi, who cashed in some shares to invest in her first property, to boost her future pension. She shared her experience with us: 

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How did you take your first step onto the landlord ladder?

l was quite disillusioned with the National Pension Scheme and wanted my pension to be put into bricks and mortar, where the value would not go down. So l was energised to try and buy my first house. Then l was surprised to realise that the value of my shares had enough money to pay for my deposit . 

Have you had any nightmare experiences as a landlord?

Yes, l had a tenant whose son was a drug dealer and addict. His mother moved out of my property and left her son behind. He destroyed a lot of things in my property.

What’s been your best experience in your landlord career?

I have had good tenants who have looked after my properties as if they were their own and paid rent regularly.

What would be the best piece of advice you’d give to someone starting as a landlord?

If there is a desire to get on the property ladder – go for it! You will always find a way. I discovered l had shares in my possession that l didn’t think had any value.

Would you change if you could do it all again?

No, l’m so glad l bought my properties when l did!

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

On an island, owned by me, with my best friend enjoying the sea!

If you could have any tenant, who would you choose?

A family to enjoy having a big house and a garden which otherwise would have been impossible.


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