Moving Your Utilities and Entertainment Supplier 

Utilities and Entertainment 

Moving your utilities and entertainment supplier can be the last thing on your mind when selling your house, but can be a potential thorn in your side if not given enough prior consideration.

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Luckily these days it is not too much of an inconvenience and organising the switch over early is key to avoiding any unexpected surprises.

Before moving 


Prior to moving it is essential to not only inform your current suppliers but also find out who the supplier in your new area is.

– You must give your supplier notice 48 hours prior to your move however you can do so way in advance of this time frame in order to avoid any last minute panic

– Check if you are likely to incur any cancellation fees, this will help you to budget for them and in most cases your supplier will waive these when moving house in the reason for cancellation

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– Your current supplier may try and set up service to your new address. Hold back, you are under no obligation to decide at that moment and it often pays to leave this until you have moved.

– Before you set up anything ask for a bill of any outstanding amounts owed to be sent to your new address. That way you know what you owe and for which property.


Much like your utilities the sooner you inform your entertainment supplier the better. Although this may seem straight forward in comparison to changing your gas or electric this is not always the case.

– If you intend to cancel your current entertainment subscription you will often incur a cancellation fee. Although usually unavoidable at least if you are aware of it you can budget for it and won’t be caught out

– Where a lot of people get a nasty surprise is when their current entertainment supplier does not cover the area you are due to move to, again although unfortunate, you are usually left with no option but to pay the remainder of your contract

– When it comes to the internet, check that you can still receive the same service in your new area, suppliers will often neglect to mention if your connection speed has dropped or you are paying for a superior service to that provided in your new are

After moving 


Once the hardest part of moving, the moving itself, is over with you can relax. But do bear in mind the following and don’t leave it too late.

– Whether you’re buying or renting the first thing anyone should do on arriving at a new property is take a meter reading. This prevents you for paying for the previous tenant and ensures you only pay for the energy you use

– Once taken, phone your new supplier and provide them with your readings.

– When joining a new energy supplier you will often be put on their standard tariff, don’t be fooled by the term standard, this is often the most expensive.

– Shop around and compare, as with a lot of things you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere and you can run an energy price comparison to find the best deals in your area

– Don’t worry about switching, there are a number of switch providers that will take care of the process from start to finish so you need not worry


Same applies

– If you are carrying over the service and subscription from your previous address, make sure nothing has changed. You don’t want to be paying a monthly fee for a service that has deteriorated because of the change in location

– If you aren’t, shop around! With a wealth of entertainment suppliers on the market offering a range of deals, see what you can get.

– Even if there isn’t a lot else on offer use the potential switch to haggle a better deal with your existing provider

With all this considered you should be fine but remember contact them early! The last thing you want is your electricity to cut out before you have moved, or to reach your new property and find nothing but cold water.

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