How Do I Make My Property Listing Stand Out?

When it comes to renting your property, you need to make it stand out from the other listings, especially those in your local market.

Of course, you know how fabulous the lighting is in the top bedroom when the sun is at its peak, and how the kitchen is simply made for conjuring up endless sweet treats. But the real key is to make sure that any potential viewer knows its best features too.

That’s why  we’ve created this guide to help you get your property in tip-top shape for viewings so that renters can’t wait to move into your place.

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Prepare your property before taking pictures

Preparation is the key when making your property look picture perfect. It’s time to wipe down those surfaces, pick your clothes up off the floor and hoover under nooks and crannies in the home. No prospective tenant wants to see your imprint on the sofa after last night’s Netflix marathon, or the 2016 May edition of Hello magazine strewn across the coffee table.

Plump those lifeless pillows and get out your polish; it’s time to show your property in its full glory, a place that makes you – and potential tenants – proud. A well-prepped room really is the difference between interested renters and people turning away after viewing the first picture. Underneath those layers of dust is a property with fantastic potential- and the right preparation helps it shine.

well lit dining room and kitchen

Ensure property photos have good lighting

Similar to taking a selfie, lighting is key when making your property listing stand out. Get it right, and your listing will be a five-star stunner. Get it wrong, however, and renters will exit as soon as they enter.

When it comes to lighting, it’s all about capturing the room in an appealing light. North-facing rooms are the early risers, with lots of clean morning light, while south-facing spaces bask in that golden-hour evening glow

Natural light aside, sometimes a space needs a little extra help to look its best. In this case, ambience is not just for date night – stay away from harsh, main lights and opt for a softer finish, adding lamps and candles to darker corners.

Ensure property photos have good composition

Sharpen up on that eye for detail, because the composition of the pictures you take are the first thing a prospective tenant will spot. Ensure vertical lines, such as window frames and chimney breasts, appear vertical within the frame of the photo, as this adds to the aesthetics of the final image..

It is equally as important to include any stand-out pieces, such as that gorgeous vintage bookshelf or quaint fireplace. The unique things that appeal to you about your property are likely to appeal to others. So make sure you get them in the shot!

Finally, when considering the composition of your pictures, it is a good idea to create a sense of minimalism. Make sure after taking a photo you  step back and look at it through the eyes of the tenant. Is there anything you would adjust? Reposition? Hide in a drawer? All things to consider. Decluttering is your friend.

well lit kitchen with wooden floor

Spend some time writing a good description

Now you’ve got the perfect pictures of the property, make sure your description fills in any extra information not clear from the images. How far is the property from local transport links? Are there good restaurants nearby? A good gym?

This is an opportunity to offer further information about the property. Certain aspects of the property might be hidden in photos, like a dishwasher or a dryer – you can mention these here too.

Include a floorplan in your property listing

It can be hard to get a feel for how each room in the property fits together. A floorplan helps a tenant visualise the space even better, and see how the different rooms are positioned throughout the property.

Add a video to your property listing

Creating a sense of movement throughout your property is something that can be achieved beautifully using a video viewing. Unlike a standalone photo, a video allows a viewer to understand the flow of your space and creates a narrative around your home which is particularly appealing.

Think about creating a video as if it was a fly-on-the-wall film, allowing potential tenants to see activities take place, visualise themselves entertaining in the lounge or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Inject some life and colour into the home, while ensuring both the images and video look sleek and intentional.

And even if you don’t want to channel your inner art-house director, our top tips will help you create a photo and video listing that appeals to renters. All that is left to do is get started by listing your property for free on Mashroom and watch the tenants roll in!

Find out more about letting your property with Mashroom. 

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