How to Enjoy the Ultimate Summer Staycation

Summer is well and truly here, but with the Government advising against all but essential travel, perhaps a staycation is the best type of holiday for 2020. Coronavirus and lockdown have kept us all inside for the last few months. But with our top tips, there’s no reason to leave the comforts of your humble abode.

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They say home is where the heart is. Over the last few months, that saying has been put to the test like never before. Almost overnight, how we live our lives saw a seismic change. Yesterday’s problems centred around choosing an outfit for work. Today’s issues involve social distancing and stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Even with the lockdown easing, there’s still an underlying feeling that we should be staying indoors where possible. However, now that summer has arrived, many people will be pining for beaches and far-away lands. 

multicoloured beach huts on brighton beachfront

With the Government advising against all but essential travel, not to mention the extensive new guidelines for flying, a staycation is your best bet this summer. But how do you turn holidaying at home into the ultimate summer staycation? 

Here at emoov, we like to think we know a thing or two about homes and what makes one special. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you create a staycation to remember. 

Here are some essential tips to make the most out of your home holiday experience.

Keep a fresh and tidy home for that hotel feeling 

Keeping your home tidy is advised at the best of times. But it’s even more important if you’re having a staycation. If you want to give your home those hotel vibes, make sure that it’s sparkling clean for the start of your summer staycay. 

You will find staycationing in a super-clean home is more enjoyable and can relax in your spotless settings — whether you’re sipping Pina Coladas or catching some rays. A squeaky-clean home might not initially seem like a game-changer, but it will go a long way to helping you feel more cheerful and stress-free during your staycation.  

Use scented candles to remind you of far-away places 

If you can’t visit exotic holiday destinations, why not bring them to you? Purchase some scented candles from places like Young Mary’s, who provide a range of aromas from the Motherland and take a journey through your senses instead.

Seaside property hotspots UK

Not only will you be supporting small businesses during these unprecedented times; you can also escape the chaos of modern life in your own little sanctuary with smells inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa.  

Dividing your home into sections makes it like a holiday resort 

A staycation allows you to be expressive with your home, and the best way to get those creative juices flowing is by dividing it up into separate sections. Think of a fancy hotel, except the five-star retreat is now your home. 

Turn the bathroom into a spa where you can get away from the worries of the world. Make the front room the lounge area and kick back and relax. Then head to the kitchen for an all-you-can-eat brunch before doing a spot of yoga in the studio, typically known as your spare bedroom. 

Create your own unique nightlife 

If your ideal vacation includes hitting a few bars and making a night of things, then why not create your own bar/club. Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you play music so loud that it wakes the neighbours, but there’s no harm in listening to a few tunes while enjoying a drink or two. 

neighbours at a neighbourhood block party

Go one step further and build your own bar in the garden (if you’ve got the space) to recreate that feeling of sipping cocktails outside in the warm weather. Then head inside for a little boogie to round off your night. 

Embrace the local community 

Going on holiday offers plenty of opportunities for unique experiences, including meeting new people. But you can still get to meet new people and build a sense of community on a staycation. There have been plenty of inspiring quarantine stories throughout lockdown, so why not add to them?

Meet with your neighbours in local social spaces and treat it as a continuation of your staycation. Transform those spaces into nature escapes that let you forget about the worries of the world while having a little chit-chat with your new friends.

two women talking in a garden holding vegetables

Order food to capture the essence of room service 

The saying goes, “when in Rome”, but considering you can’t go anywhere, why not embrace the famous saying during your staycation? Holidays are a time to say goodbye to the general day-to-day of life, so take a few nights off from the kitchen and order from your favourite local restaurant. 

It will be just like getting room service in the hotel, plus you’ll be further supporting the local community by keeping restaurants going during these hard times. Put your feet up, load up the Deliveroo app and wait for that scrumptious treat to arrive. 

Use your outdoor space as a chance to reconnect with nature 

You can really ramp up your staycation if you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space, whether it’s a garden, terrace or balcony. The summer is well and truly here, and what better way to spend it than catching some rays with an ice lolly in hand? 

Treat yourself to a picnic, put on an outdoor garden event for the entire family or buy a few deck chairs for real summer vibes. Alternatively, mosey on over to the backyard — or balcony — and catch up on some reading while basking in the delightful weather. Oh, and did someone say blow-up swimming pool?

Garden , cat , table ,sun

Lose the concept of time and unplug from the world 

A lot is going on right now. While it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest information and play your part, it’s also vital to switch off every now and then. Your staycation provides the opportunity to close off from the rest of the world. 

In order to make it work, you need to switch off. Reduce the visibility of your clocks, as doing so will help you lose track of time, just like you do when you’re on holiday. You will find out how relaxing it can be to lose the concept of time, even if it’s only for a few hours. 

Use this time to take the opportunity to log out of social media and get away from the digital noise. Take a break from life’s 24-hour news cycle and constant flow of opinions and instead enjoy your homely surroundings. Doing so can boost your state of mind while providing the ultimate staycation experience. 

How to make the most of your staycation with the kids 

Family holidays might be reduced to these shores this year, but there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a staycation for the whole gang. Here are a few added tips for the ultimate staycation if you’re holidaying with the little (or not so little) ones. 

• Buy a blow-up swimming pool for the garden

• Put together a few family-favourite games to play every day

• Visit local parks and go on scenic trails

• Take them to nearby tourist sites

• Do a campout in the garden

• Create a kid’s choice day and let them choose the agenda

The ultimate staycation 

A staycation can help you recharge the batteries so that you’re ready to go when normality resumes. Meanwhile, everyone here at emoov is here to help, so feel free to contact us if you need to get in touch.

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