Your Guide to Floor Plans

Long gone are the days where renters attended property viewings not really knowing what to expect. From professional photos to videos, interested renters now have access to a raft of information before they’ve seen the property in person.

One of the best ways to get an understanding of a property’s layout is with a floor plan. In this guide, we’ll explain how floor plans work and the importance of having one with your property listing.

What is a floor plan?

A floor plan is a scaled diagram of a room or building from an aerial point of view. It details the size of the property in square feet (usually with a conversion to square metres too) and measurements of each room.

Floor plans also reveal where room entries and internal doors are located, as well as room layouts and the direction your property faces. Essentially, they reveal how the home pieces together.

floor plan with coffee, compass and pencil on it

What are the benefits of having a floor plan on your property listing?

Floor plans are a great way to make your listing stand out and provide potential tenants with an accurate description of the size of your buy-to-let. According to property portal Rightmove, people will view a listing with a floor plan for 35% longer than they would one without.

Pictures are vital for capturing the look of a property. But floor plans allow viewers to get an accurate description of every room. This can help them decide if it’s a suitable home for them. Including a floor plan in the listing will result in fewer time wasters as they will already know the measurements and layout of the property.

Floor plans also allow the renters to plan the layout of their furniture in a way that will help create an emotional attachment to the property. A floor plan makes it easier for renters to imagine themselves living in the property.

Where is the best place to get a floor plan?

Floor plans are especially handy as you’ll only need to get it done once, assuming you don’t make sweeping changes to the structure of your property. That means you can advertise your buy-to-let as much as you like without needing to update the floor plan.

At Mashroom, we include a floor plan in your listing for only £100. A professional will attend your home and design the floor plan based on the measurements they take of your property. It will be ready to go with your listing, providing renters with a completely accurate layout of your buy-to-let.

Having floor plans for your property helps potential renters understand the layout of the home and allows them to imagine themselves living there, while reducing the number of time wasters viewing the property. A floor plan on your listing could be that final piece of the puzzle that ensures you get the perfect tenant.

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