How Do I Create More Space in my Buy-to-Let?

Everyone loves the feel of a spacious and aesthetically pleasing home, yet this is often hard to achieve as larger homes come at a premium in rental properties. Often homes are smaller, especially those in city centres where you have to make the most out of the space you have. It’s more common that the modern-day renter is after a sleek, modern and spacious home, which is why it is important for landlords to put in the time and provide high quality properties that meet these expectations.

Fortunately, there are many ways that a landlord can maximise space in their property without upsizing, and this is all achieved by small design changes.

Utilising space in buy-to-let properties

The key way to maximise space in a small room is to minimise furniture that takes up most of the room. For example, if you have a bedroom where the bed takes up most of the space, consider placing the bed on the wall using a pull-down mechanism to give you space during the day. You could also place a mezzanine platform above the room to house the bed and allow more space on the main floor.

Keep the interior design of the home light and bright in order to make the rooms feel more spacious. It’s important to think vertically when it comes to designing the space. This is because you can create floor to ceiling storage space, which will be handy for tenants and also helps to declutter the space of other storage furniture.

It may also be worth considering dividing the space with items like folding screens which are easy to move around and don’t take up much space. This can make the space feel larger as it splits into more rooms. Mirrors are also a great tip to enhance a space and create the illusion that the apartment is bigger than it is.

full shoe rack with leather bag on top

Make use of built-in storage

Built-in storage is one of the most popular ways to hide clutter around the house. Not only does it make the house tidier, but it also creates a more spacious feel to your home as furniture storage is minimal. These solutions will often store items in existing furniture and can even blend into walls depending on the design.

Consider defining zones with built-in storage units. A storage unit cupboard can be multi-functional if it is used as a boundary between a bedroom and a bathroom as an open plan master suite. Built in showers are also a great way to maximise the use of space in bathrooms. Outdoor spaces can be enhanced by creating storage within banquette seating which can be very effective and a sleek design.

Use multi-purposed furniture throughout the property

Landlords looking to make the most of their space should use multi-purpose furniture to increase their storage options. This provides tenants with not just the storage space, but also brings a modern design feel to the home. This is actually a money saving piece of furniture as it plays the role of multiple in-house properties that look good but also perform well.

Here are some examples of multi purposed furniture that can be used:

  • An ottoman footstool with storage space underneath
  • Multi-purpose shoe racks
  • Beds with storage space underneath them
  • Wall-mounted pull-out desks
  • A coffee table and a storage device
  • Sofa beds – merging the two into one!

shelving full of baskets and storage

Stay up to date with the latest property trends

It’s important to remember that, as a landlord, you are appealing to the modern-day renter who loves stylish homes. Even if they are short on space there are many ways, some of which were mentioned above, that you can maximise storage and use multi-purpose furniture.

A great example is a kitchen breakfast bar with stools that doubles up into a storage unit but takes up minimal space whilst still maintaining a stylish finish. The best way to keep the illusion of a larger space is also to stick to light and neutral interiors with the added strategically placed mirror to enhance the size of a room.

Remember that a lot of students or young professionals would prefer a well-designed small place than a larger, less stylish space. You should always keep design in mind.

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