Rent collection

Make rent collection hassle-free with Mashroom
A simpler way to receive rent

Tenants set up a standing order, and rental income is sent to your Mashroom account via our open banking partner, Token

Automated rent for your property

Receive rental income straight to your Mashroom account without lifting a finger. Simply sit back and get your rental payments.

Always up to date

We will send you an update three days before the rent is due so that you know exactly when it should arrive in your account.

Here’s how it works

1. List your property

List your property with Mashroom for free and gain exposure to millions of renters across portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. Let us take care of the particulars too, such as AST agreements and rent collection.

1. List your property

2. Rental payments in one place

Tenants pay directly through Mashroom. Once the rent arrives, we will notify you and ensure that payment is sent on the same working day. And if a tenant is late with their payment, we will let you know and chase up with the tenant.

2. Rental payments in one place

3. Hassle-free rental payments

We’re members of the Money-Shield (CMP Scheme), so you can relax, knowing that your rental income is in safe hands. Easily keep track of rental payments for all your properties and receive rental income on the same day it’s paid.

3. Hassle-free rental payments

Smart rent collection and more transparency

List your property and keep track of your rental income as it comes straight into your Mashroom account

List a property