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Making sure you have the best tenants and landlords

Reliable referencing for landlords and tenants

Peace of mind is essential when moving into a new property – for both landlords and tenants.

Landlords like to know they are letting to a reliable tenant who will look after the property and pay the rent on time. Tenants want the security of having a landlord that will be responsive and make sure their tenancy runs smoothly.

Referencing is a quick and secure way to verify tenants and landlords. While referencing is optional, we highly recommend doing it so that you can be sure you are letting or renting from somebody that is trustworthy and reliable.

Tenant referencing

Make sure that you get the best tenant for your property with reliable tenant referencing. Referencing gives you a comprehensive report on prospective tenants and provides complete peace of mind. Reference checks are fast, taking between two hours and five days, and include:

  • Credit check
  • Linked Address, Identity & Fraud Information
  • CCJs, Decrees, and other court information
  • Preliminary Right to Rent Check and Advice
  • Affordability Rating
  • Previous Landlord Reference
  • Employers Reference
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance Eligible

You can undertake a tenant check after accepting an offer on your property. We’ll notify the tenant, who then fills out the application. Once they have completed referencing, we inform you of the results so that you can decide with confidence.

Landlord referencing

As a landlord, it is in your best interests to provide a first-class service to your tenants. Landlord referencing is your opportunity to show potential tenants they are dealing with a genuine landlord and that they won’t fall victim of a scam. Your free reference will:

  • Prove your credentials as a landlord
  • Allow you to claim your properties and avoid being impersonated
  • Join a network of growing verified tenants and landlords

If you’re a great landlord, why not show it and gain trust from your tenants before they have even moved into the property?! You will come fully recommended, and secure yourself and your tenants against fraud and scams. List your property and start your journey to becoming a verified landlord.


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