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21 Navigation Business Village Navigation Way, Preston, Lancashire, North West, England, PR2 2YP

127 reviews

Listed and Rented out in less than 6 hours! Well done Mashroom. Excellent service provided by Mashroom, good clear dashboard for managing appointments and subsequent offers!! I would never use a High Street Estate Agency to market for me again. I look forward to using Mashroom in the future.

Simon Atkinson, 01 May 2021

Amazing customer service, couldn’t believe it was free! Debbie was amazing every step of the way making a very daunting process much less stressful. Would recommend to anyone over an estate agent and still astonished I’ve not had to pay any fees for all of her help!

Emily Stephens, 19 May 2021

User-friendly, great future-proof platform. Easy to use and upload properties. The dashboard allows straight forward communication with guests. Really helpful members of the team who were always available to answer questions re: using Mashroom.

Trusted Customer, 06 May 2021

A unique and time saving innovation. Thank you Mashroom. Refreshing and user friendly. So much easier than the traditional process. Being able to speak to the landlords direct and building a relationship of trust early on I found to be hugely beneficial. At last, a unique and time saving innovation.

Allen Panter, 31 Oct 2020

Mashroom was recommended to me and I’d gladly recommend them to anyone. From the first interaction with Mashroom I knew I'd chosen the right people to help me let my flat. Within one week of advertising it, I had two offers, even one offering more than I was asking for. I never thought an end-to-end process of 15 days would be possible...

Claire Johnson, 31 Jan 2021


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North West Lettings

1 Lower Ormond St, Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West, England, M1 5QF

40 reviews
North West Lettings

I have never seen such disrespect, this company will ignore your requests, ignore your calls and getting into contact with them is impossible. The people they do eventually send out are incapable of doing a proper job. Good luck

Khalid Ibrahim, 29 Jan 2021

Attempting to contact them is basically impossible. I tried to arrange a viewing for a rental property but couldn't get in touch with them on the phone or by e-mail after an initial contact, they don't call you back either. It's a fairly poor to be honest. I am unsure hw the generate ANY interest at all. If you are thinking of of renting with them or selling with them, don't, customers wanting to buy from them can't. If you read the other negative reviews, I can confirm they are all correct - I would avoid and go for somewhere where they actually speak to you and want your custom. Poor - 1 star!

James Hunt, 30 Nov 2020

Fantastic letting agent!! I was a tenant for 4 years and can give Daniel nothing but praise. I had very few problems during my time in the property, but whenever I had an issue during my tenancy he responded immediately and was extremely professional.

Jade Connolly, 12 Feb 2021

We have been tenants with NWL for just under a year now and have found the company and staff to be very helpful. In particular, our boiler stopped working a couple of weeks before Christmas and the team were extremely helpful and got engineers out to us very quickly, sometimes twice in one day, which was much appreciated. Happy with our experience so far ! Keep up the good work Guys!

Mengmai Wang, 23 Jan 2021

Very pleased with the apartment I rented, the whole process took place very quickly and easily, Daniel and Irene were very helpful

Cosmin Roman, 01 Aug 2020


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CMC Properties

The Office, Boundary Lodge, Boundary Ln, Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West, England, M15 6NU

6 reviews
CMC Properties

My time with CMC could only be described as the most stressful 2 weeks of my entire life. The problems with the tenancy started early, we asked our agent early to see if we could move our property in early, the agent said that this would be ok and we said that we'd move our stuff into our friends rooms so that our rooms could be renovated within the first two weeks. This was great as I has some serious problems with my room. There was mould, musk, the carpet was dirty and the bed had a lot of stains on the mattress. I was told that since we were paying half rent, we could only use the house half of the time for the summer. This was fine, as I could stay with my girlfriend when I was working. She was happy to have me staying with her part time. I made this clear to the agent on the day that we moved in, as a group, we went away for a week, and were under the impression that our rooms would be renovated in our absence. When we returned, nothing had changed. At this point, I would've had to stay in a room that frankly, you could not pay me £200 a month to stay in. I had to move in with my girlfriend fully as the house was in no condition to be stayed in. This caused problems. I was indeed living rent free with my partner. I could not afford both the rent for the CMC property and my girlfriends apartment. I was in no mind to give CMC more money to live at their property full time and hope that they would renovate my room given that notion. So instead, I decided to terminate my contract with CMC as moving in with my girlfriend at this point was the smarter decision. I was happy to pay any fee for terminating the contract. I was told that I could not end my contract unless I found a replacement for me. This was because we signed the contract as a group. I would also be charged a £50 fee from my deposit for finding someone new myself, or I could pay £150 to have the property relisted and have a chance at finding a new tenant. I went with option 1. However, we did think the fee for doing the agents job was a little too far. I was already losing £400 worth of rent for effectively nothing, and now part of my deposit was being taken away too. In the meeting with the agent, upon pushing back with the agent, my partner was told: "I am trying to help him, don't make me not." Finding a replacement now felt like an option that could be taken away, at this point. It felt like a threat. Up until this point I had been as fair with the agent as possible. I had listened to their rules and fairly stated my concerns. We ended up finding a replacement for me, and the contract switched over. When I had to hand over the keys, I decided to walk to the agency and drop them off directly, they were frustrated that I had dropped the keys directly to the agency as opposed to leaving them at the house. In the end, I traded £450 for an invaluable lesson. Absolute bargain if you ask me. My advice, if you're a student. Do your research with these guys. I wint tell you not to go with CMC, but I will tell you to view every possible inch of the property you're viewing. Sign contracts independently, know what you're getting into. I paid £450 for this lesson, but you can have it for free.

Keiran Daly, 09 Jul 2020

My problems started early with my tenancy, we asked our agent early to see if we could move our property in early. The agent said that this would be ok and we said that we'd move our stuff into our friends rooms so that our rooms could be renovated within the first two weeks. Which was good since the room smelled, there was slight mould on the ceiling, the walls were stained and etc. After finding out no renovations had been done I asked our agent when it was going to happen. The agent claimed that too many people asked when the renovations would be done and said that the painting would be postponed till Christmas. Confused I said that this wasn't good enough, since the room we were already paying rent and the rooms weren't at a point where we could stay comfortably. I was then called and the agent was very defensive and even accused me of making the mess despite me not living there. After multiple emails sent back and forth there was an inspection conducted and the rooms were finally refurbished. During the winter our boiler would repeatedly break down and I remember many days washing dishes in ice cold water and roommates going to parents house to avoid the cold. This wasn't bad since we were given emergency heaters. What was quite bad was that it would break down in march and April where we would have no hot water to wash our hands during the pandemic. At first they claimed emergency services weren't running due to the virus. But as soon as one roommate asked for rent reduction, there was a plumber sent immediately the next day. During, November we spotted evidence of mice and reported it asap. We were told that mice we'regoing to hibernate since it was winter and all we had to do was keep the place clean. About late March early April the mice returned. I had a personal fridge that I used that I brought over to this house. It wasn't pat tested so I kept it under the stairs until I would get it pat tested or take it to my next house. But we were told that it was a fire hazard and had to get rid of it asap. I was confused since I didn't understand how something that's not plugged in to anything would catch fire, but I got rid of the fridge as asked. Finally, I admit I shouldn't of smoked in my room. I didn't know it was part of my contract but after being told I stopped. On my final days of tenancy I made sure the room didn't smell, I asked multiple roommates if there was a smell from my room. After all of them saying it was fine I thought I was going to be fine. But in the inspection video, the agent claimed the room absolutely stank of it. Even though I was confused I knew I broke the rules and accepted the deposit penalty since I know I broke the rules for the tenancy as well. In conclusion my time at the house had multiple problems and I did not enjoy my stay.

Yehwan Choi, 09 Jul 2020

Communication has always been great, as soon as I report something, they come back to me very fast. Overall, great experience, will highly recommend.

Angelica Salas, 22 Oct 2020

Professional, and great efficient service. Claire is extremely kind and informative making you feel at ease when renting. I had a great year renting with her, and I would 100% recommend CMC. Thank you again.

Ella Sen, 08 Jul 2020

I’ve rented with CMC Properties for a year and have only positive things to say (which, having perused Google reviews, is unusual for most letting agencies...) My main point of contact was Claire, the lady who runs the agency, and she was nothing short of excellent — responsive to emails, helpful, fair and really friendly too. Renting with her agency was flexible and hassle free and I’d choose Claire over any agent in a heartbeat — I suggest others do the same.

Migle Petrou, 30 Sep 2019


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