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21 Navigation Business Village Navigation Way, Preston, Lancashire, North West, England, PR2 2YP

127 reviews

Listed and Rented out in less than 6 hours! Well done Mashroom. Excellent service provided by Mashroom, good clear dashboard for managing appointments and subsequent offers!! I would never use a High Street Estate Agency to market for me again. I look forward to using Mashroom in the future.

Simon Atkinson, 01 May 2021

Amazing customer service, couldn’t believe it was free! Debbie was amazing every step of the way making a very daunting process much less stressful. Would recommend to anyone over an estate agent and still astonished I’ve not had to pay any fees for all of her help!

Emily Stephens, 19 May 2021

User-friendly, great future-proof platform. Easy to use and upload properties. The dashboard allows straight forward communication with guests. Really helpful members of the team who were always available to answer questions re: using Mashroom.

Trusted Customer, 06 May 2021

A unique and time saving innovation. Thank you Mashroom. Refreshing and user friendly. So much easier than the traditional process. Being able to speak to the landlords direct and building a relationship of trust early on I found to be hugely beneficial. At last, a unique and time saving innovation.

Allen Panter, 31 Oct 2020

Mashroom was recommended to me and I’d gladly recommend them to anyone. From the first interaction with Mashroom I knew I'd chosen the right people to help me let my flat. Within one week of advertising it, I had two offers, even one offering more than I was asking for. I never thought an end-to-end process of 15 days would be possible...

Claire Johnson, 31 Jan 2021


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65 High St, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, England, LN5 8AD

80 reviews
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Not even going to waste my time in writing an extensive review as to why I have given this star rating. I was moving to Lincoln last year and the complete service was an utter shambles from start to finish. When they lady didn't show up for the virtual viewing and failed to even let me know she was ill, I should have known. The only reason it's a 1 star is because google won't let me give 0 lol. Don't go near them. Ever.

Conor Brittain, 09 Jun 2021

The company wanted to hire me as a graduate and presented a salary on the website that was desirable. However, when it came to the interview the interviewer was incredibly rude and demeaning and then offered minimum wage for the role, stating that I had no experience (I've been working since I was seventeen) and that my degree was useless. The interviewer also kept asking my age despite telling him numerous times. Very odd behaviour and sneaky job advertisement tactics.

Kian Quinn, 27 May 2021

It was the worst experience I have ever had with an agency! I rented a room from them, but the property was extremely dirty and endangered our heath condition (it was the case with most of their other properties as I checked with the friends who used to live there). They promise to send a cleaner, but I did not see anybody comes for cleaning as long as I was there!!! They normally offer you cheap prices and sometimes give you some tempting discounted offers. PLEASE NEVER BE DECIEVED BY THOSE OFFERS! You will surely regret once you make contract. They NEVER respond your inquiries as soon as you sign the contract. The property was too cold in winter and they never fixed the heating system! (though we tried to contact them 100 times, without getting any response). Finally, they refused to return my deposit for more than 3 months after the moving out date without any reason! They are EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL and do not respect your rights. At the end, I had to use DPS adjudication service to get back my deposit! Believe me, they even did not respond DPS warnings for this issue, and finally, DPS paid my money by themselves as they had guaranteed!

ehsan3261, 18 Apr 2021

I moved out of the house provided by the agency before 3 months. my contract was up to 6 months. But as the moving out was due to a personal matter I couldn't give prior notice to the office. But when I went to the office in person, they said it was not a problem and as per the agency rule I found a replacement tenant for the room as soon as possible. they said if the new tenant would sign the 6 month contract I would get back my deposit. I have been calling the office frequently and an employee named Sofia picks the phone. She said as I have not given prior notice to them I cannot get the deposit back as soon as possible. My god, that woman.. who can give prior notice to a sudden occurrence in our lives. She's been playing me back and forth. This has been a bad experience in my life.

Ruksana Khan, 22 Mar 2021

The team is very disrespectful. I know it shouldn't be a problem but the fact that none of them are from the UK makes it hard to communicate. Cleaners in the house asking me to move. Customer service team were rude and abrupt. There only seemed to be one woman named Sofia. She was horrible to me. They are somewhat nice before you have moved in, but once your have signed a contract it seems like they don't care. I had some issues with the house, Sofia said "we believe you are the problem so you will have to solve it". Any problems they did solve weirdly they just wouldn't respond. There is no message to say we're working on it or anything, you just have to wait. This could be 1 week or 3 weeks in my experience. Also they send people to the house without asking. In HMOs landlords may attend the shared parts of the property without notice but not your rooms. It is good practice to give notice, however they don't seem to care. They can only attend up to a point where it does not breach your right to live peacefully. Finally and perhaps worst, they have tried to overfill the property. Some of the housemates I was with at the time had told me that there used to be 5 people living at the property; I checked their licence and it said a maximum of 4. So they had illegally moved an extra person into the property. I wasn't there for this but I know nothing is stopping them from trying it. Be very wary. Go and check the property in person. Make sure you deeply inspect the furniture and corners and the items that are supposed to be in the room and property. Don't get fleeced because when you sign the contract it seems there isn't much you can do except pay them. Better of going to a different agency. I wish I had pictures to show but why would I take pictures of a trash house. It's quite popular for drug addicts to use these places for drugs and then leave. Cos it's so cheap.

nonin nonin, 16 Mar 2021


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Jigsaw Property Solutions

11 Finkle St, Selby, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, England, LN5 8AH

53 reviews
Jigsaw Property Solutions

Horrible place lack off communication more worried about there next hair appointment than there customers sadly im unable to give - stars but they are just a joke.....

Adam Tucker, 21 Dec 2020

Never got back to me re my enquiry.

Alan Jefferson, 05 Nov 2020

Have to say i feel sorry for any landlords using them. Chased up on responses for enquiries over several days to then be told that the property where no longer available after nearly a week. Can only say its pretty obvious they havnt contacted the landlords and can't be bothered to let me know. Dont even offer to put you on an alert list just tell you to check again later and they'll have a look. Very unimpressed attitude when you contact them. Almost like your rude to interrupt them doing sod all.

Thomas Parkin, 06 Jul 2020

Always helpful friendly team

Paula Pickford, 10 Nov 2020

Excellent quality service by the agent's. Finding a home for you.

toni Douglas, 21 Oct 2020


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