The Best UK Cities to Live and Work In 

Those planning a move to the UK have many appealing cities to pick from. The beauty of living in Britain is that you are never too far away from either the countryside or the coast, no matter where you choose to settle.

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Indeed, the UK gives you the best of both worlds, making it difficult to decide which vibrant city best fits your fancy.

If you are planning a move in or near the UK, in addition to the beautiful melting pot capital, London, here are some other great cities to consider:


The second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is situated in the Midlands, the origin of Britain’s industrial heritage. It is a culturally diverse city with modern apartments along the city’s canals. Its popular residential areas (including Edgbaston and Harborne) boast excellent schools, transport links and shopping.


A cosmopolitan and elegant city that is famous for its street entertainers and Fringe Festival, it is the capital of Scotland. Housing in the city offers two and three-bedroom Georgian and Victorian houses and tenement flats in Stockbridge and Comely Bank.


This is Scotland’s largest city and the host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Glasgow’s underground railway, sometimes called “a clockwork orange,” makes transportation easy and convenient.  Glasgow also features art galleries, restaurants, shops and bars.


Known as the Capital of the North, this city became famous for its music and football.  City living meets a nearby countryside for the best of both worlds. The city’s centre features the Beetham Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the country. Didsbury Village and Chorlton are affluent suburbs.


Located in the west of London, this city features the venerable University of Oxford, bookshops, museums, restaurants, and shops. Close to the high-companies of the Thames Valley, this is a sought-after, picturesque area with a great community feel.

Due to the influx of people moving to these UK cities, residents can expect to catch a good price for their home. If you are considering selling, you can start by contacting the best estate agent in your city. You might also want to sell your home online to save money on estate agent fees.


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