Your Guide to an EICR

Georgie Kenny
By Georgie Kenny
Feb 15, 2021

As a landlord, there are certain things that you are legally required to do. From a gas safety certificate to an EICR, it’s important that you’re up to date on all the documents you need in order to legally be a landlord. An EICR is one of the newer certificates, but it’s no less important. 

What is an EICR?

EICR stands for electrical inspection condition report. The report is essentially an in-depth inspection of your rental property’s electrical systems and the way it has been installed. It’s carried out by a professional electrician, and you will receive a grade depending on the workability of your system. 

These grades are C1, which means you need to fix your system immediately as it is dangerous, C2, which means there is a potential for your system to become dangerous so you need to urgently repair it, and C3, which means that there is no risk of danger. 

What exactly is tested during an EICR?

A switchbox placed on the whall

There are several elements that are tested during an EICR. The first is how well wires have been earthed and bonded. An electrician will also check your devices’ protection against fire and electric shock. They will also assess any damage to electrical fitting and exposed wiring.

What does it cost?

Working out how much an EICR will cost can be a little tricky, as it depends on where you live and who you get to do it. Normally, they are in the vicinity of £200, with an extra £20 charge for each circuit above six circuits. This will be noticeably more in London. 

How often should I get an EICR done?

Again, how often you should get an EICR done really depends on a number of circumstances. You;ll need to legally do one every five years unless the electrician states otherwise – in which case, you might be required to do one three years after the first report. 

Why do I need one?

The main purpose of an EICR is for the safety of your tenants, and also to avoid damage that will cost you a lot of money to repair. 

What happens if I don’t get an EICR?

Electrician carrying out some works

An EICR is a legal requirement, and it’s highly advised that you get an up to date report done. This is because you are responsible for the safety of those renting your property, and you can be legally prosecuted if something happens in the home and your documents are not up to date. It is really important not to overlook an EICR report; if you do, it can have very serious consequences.

So, if you’re a landlord and you aren’t sure if you have an up to date EICR, check. If you don’t have one, we advise that you organise to have one soon. It’s always worth being on the safe side when it comes to electrics. 

Get an EICR for your rental property

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