Let rent thrive with Mashroom

Welcome to a new renting and letting experience, where landlords can trust their tenants and tenants can feel at home.

At Mashroom, we believe letting and renting is so much more than a business transaction.

It may sound obvious to some, but ask most landlords and tenants and they’ll probably start by telling you about costs and contracts. And no wonder – to the decades-old lettings industry, it is just a transaction.

But the way we see things, it’s about the relationships between people and the places they call home. And that goes deep. Much deeper than pockets.

We know more and more people share our outlook, and we created Mashroom to give them the freedom to do things differently. Rooted in trust and transparency, we’re enabling partnerships between landlords and tenants to bloom – before, during and even beyond a tenancy.

Of course we’re tempted to tell you all about the clever technology that powers our platform (and we will if we bump into you at the local). The main thing is, it’s free to use, and it’s going to level-up your life.

And not just yours – we’re on a mission to improve rental relationships for thousands and thousands of tenants and landlords, with features and services made for people who want to let rent thrive.

Let’s call it a mutual endeavour.

Mashroom team x

A swift and seamless platform

We’ve built everything landlords and tenants need into one online dashboard. With secure communication and all the tools in one place, you’ve got the means to manage letting and renting easily. The best part? It’s completely free to use.

Level up your letting and renting experience

Mashroom improves trust, security and communication between landlords and tenants, so you can enjoy the benefits of better rental relationships. We offer a range of optional services, including our tenant team-up and deposit replacement schemes.

An ecosystem that thrives

We’re a community based on trust, loyalty and mutual support that keeps landlords and tenants informed and connected. Join our mutual endeavour to let rent thrive.